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Your great cat deserves great cat care. Why not call your cat Jack White after the famous guitarist? ), Dumbledore (the white-haired wizard from the "Harry Potter" franchise), Betty (as in the actress and star of "The Golden Girls. Conversely, a cat that has a white coat but is not albino may have different eye colors. So snuggly! It is bad luck to see a white cat during the night, Seeing a white cat during the day on the road is good luck, It is considered good luck to see a cat crossing your path (the opposite to Britain and Ireland). Yes, that means you can name your white cat after the glowing elf queen “Galadriel” from The Lord of the Rings if it makes you smile. Your interests and favorites play a part in pet naming, too. The last cat I owned was a black and white male , his name was Shadow. Engage it in listening to music, watching a program, playing a game, going for a walk, doing some work, cooking dinner or something else. If you spoke Spanish you would be know that “Blanco” is male. Did you know that thousands of research papers have been published on cat behavior and health? That is what we are going to do in this article. If you love white cat facts, then you can find 35 more amazing things about them here. I have been trying it hardly and did not get those amazing results!. But if you happen to co-habitate with a white cat or a white kitten, you have it on good authority that white kitties are the cutest. Thanks for the website it helped me think of a lot more names. Don’t worry - we’ve done it for you! Q-tip. Feel free to browse all our White Kitten Names and add the ones you want to save for later to your own favorites list. This list contains over 100 unusual, uniquely suitable names for white, light-colored, and albino cats. All cats are cute. thanks for the help! In this article, you'll find over 100 unusual name ideas that are perfect for white cats or other white pets. Like a lion. There's no need to name your new cat right away. So she’s basically the cutest kitty ever, equally as cute as she is beautiful. I love them both so much! Most cats obssess over them so they might live up to their name. We know that a cat that has a white coat due to albinism will also have pink/red eyes due to a lack of color pigment. "), Apple (as in the tech company, which wraps almost all of its products in a white shell or housing), Cliff (as in the White Cliffs of Dover, an enduring symbol of the English coastline. We have called our White Persian girl Elsa after the Queen in Disney’s film Frozen. ), book characters, colors, and musicians to name their new cat. If a particular name seems to be a “fit,” then try to call her using that name. I love Cop. We named out white female with blue eyes Hopi after Native American tribe ???? They also remind us of some pretty cool pop culture references. For this reason, this list has a selection of names that will sound cute when calling a kitten and mysteriously intriguing when calling an adult cat. Discover the secret world of cats. You may not know this, but our modern fascination with white cats dates back to the turn of the century. My grandmother also had a white one named Tucya. The shelter had named them Feather and Thumper. And she has one of those huge fluffy tails, worn with pride haha. Naturally we took inspiration from David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. He’s so fluffy and adorable, real sweet personality. We probably will only keep one of the kittens, but TBH I hope we keep both. "), Herbie (the talking Volkswagen, also known as The Love Bug. Ultimately, we also know that gene expression (DNA) is always the reason for a cat’s coat color as well as eye color and other traits. We are going to take a thorough look at the best, most interesting, most unique and creative names for white cats, including white kitten names, names for white female cats and male white cat names. There are several species of cats that can be white. We have over 12.354 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin. Coconut Oil For Cats: Is It Good For Them, And Is It Safe? Anybody who walked in my house Shadow was a wonderful greeter. I like the name Fiona, and it would be perfect for a white cat. Names are organized alphabetically—not by topic—so be sure to read through the entire list! Basically fluffy Siamese cats. We continue to hear cat names based on superheroes, TV characters, and musicians, too. Cat names used to be pretty straightforward (“here, Fluffy!”) and while there’s nothing wrong with those old-fashioned choices, these days, cat owners are choosing a wide variety for their pets. In fact, sometimes the sheer “cuteness factor” of a little white kitten can even get in the way of choosing a name that will grow with your white kitten as she transforms into a regal adult white cat. If you’re adding a kitten or a newly adopted cat to your family, these articles will help you both get off on the right paw. If you've adopted a fluffy, white kitten or cat, you know you need a special name that captures her beauty and regal bearing. Popular in England, Scotland and Ireland, the name Fiona is considered to be a Latinised form of the Gaelic word fionn, meaning “white”, “fair.” I know that Finn was in this list and has the same origin, but I like Fiona much, much more. Orange and white kitten names. We have more than 140 names for your pet that are as crisp and cool as bright new snow and as fresh and clean as an apple blossom. We dug deep into our huge database of pet names to reveal the most popular cat names of 2018. I got up to go see the kittens. You can find more information here: Your Deaf Cat. I'm thinking of naming it moonlight. He's happy to share his tips so others can choose the best names for their cats and other pets. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Lifestyle. moonlake from America on December 23, 2012: We have a white cat his name is Levi Jones. When she's not busy wrangling her two children, she enjoys writing stories about love, relationships...and dogs. White cats carried out the orders and attended the Celtic Goddess Ceridwen. Your bicolor cat may have been briefly named by the shelter for adoption or named something else at one time, but it doesn’t fit their personality. This list of white girl cat names offers several different themes to consider including flowers, gemstones, seasons, celebrities, home furnishings, beverages, languages and more. His is genetic so was born deaf (at 11 months he’s still a kitten..a big 5kg muscle bag but a kitten none the less). due to the black mustache. i named her after her late brother ,also white cat and her future sister or brother ,snow, If I ever get a white cat I will name it white banshee because i named my black cat Tiny which I don't regret but i still wish I could have named her Hades or Lucifer oh well. Life Under Construction from Neverland on July 26, 2012: hehehe very cute white cat names you have here! And a very cute kitty deserves the very finest selection of cute cat names for white cats and cute names for white kittens! Check them out using the links below: We are so excited to share our new book with you! When I was a kid we had a white cat with a blue eye and a brown eye his name was Snowball. They also may have other colors besides white in their coat. "), Khaleesi (the dragon queen from "Game of Thrones. Not bad, huh. I’m at a loss. (While you probably won’t find this nugget of wisdom written down anywhere, we are pretty certain it is true regardless.). The most important factor to keep in mind when trying to come up with a name for your fair-furred feline is their personality. Exploring color references in nature, modern life, language and culture is one great way to go about it. The following species all have a white variety: This is not a conclusive list as white-haired cats can appear in many popular breeds due to a lack of melanin pigmentation or a gene mutation. Female Kitten Names. You just want to pick him up in your arms and bury your face in all that soft, white fur! Sometimes you feel no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to naming your sweet white kitty. When researchers were already hard at work trying to figure out what makes a white cat white. But be careful. Now all that remains is for you to choose from the near-infinite possibilities for white cat names female to find that one name that is a perfect fit for her. I love cats and so enjoyed your hub very much. ; Snowflake – (or Snowy) a great winter weather name. However it happens, we would love to hear about it! Lots of deaf cats still live happy, healthy lives. Didn't know a white cat in a dream is good luck nor seeing a white cat during the daytime. i like to wait a day or two to give my kitten a name so i can find “the one” that suits them based on their color & personality. Great idea for a Hub, Simey. Along with their white coat, consider your cat’s personality: a feisty Blizzard or an elegant Maybelle? Originally I’d wanted to name at least one of our fur babies “Reginald” or “Teabag” but was vetoed by husband & friends on the basis of being boring/having suggestive connotations (was actually clueless what they meant by suggestive, until given an alternative meaning for ‘teabag’, like wtf??). Our website uses cookies. Therefore, taking inspiration from the world around you is a great starting point! Husband and I spent at least 3 weeks finding names for them! my cat is pregnant but already gave birth with more cats inside of her whom so what do i name her kittens. If you're in need of refreshingly inventive names for your white cat this is the page for you! River was a brilliant actor & a cute boy who shouldn’t be forgotten. Often the most classic and traditional female names make the best names … They’re Ragdoll cats (a breed), so they are gonna be fluffy with the grey-ish black around their faces and bodies. She may want to approach you on her terms. While word names like Snowball and Mittens are still big, along with character names like Mr. Darcy, Gandalf, and Thumper, the cat names with the biggest growth are also popular baby names. Find the perfect name for your feline friend! :). Cats seem more independent than dogs, sure, but they need attention, play, and treats when you’re gone, too. ), Harvey or Keitel (the actor who played Mr. White in Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs. I called my white Turkish Angora cat Twinkie, like the white cream in a Twinkie snack cake. She’s part main coon, but her other half gave her a much softer/ gentler face. My new kitten's name is oreo I got my kitten 2 weeks ago and it's a girl... My sister has a doll and its name is kitty kitty meow meow so I thought Ms.Kitty would be a good name for a cat. I've always prided myself on being able to come up with creative and fitting pet names. We hope to show and eventually breed from her. So as you can see, it really varies. People will often name their white cats … well … the color white. But the eyes can still be colored. From this list, I found Tic Tac and Vanilla. oreo is one of me favorite treats and people love oreo's too. From Birch to Aspen to Lotus, there’s a cat name on this list for every style…not to mention for every cat personality. So huggable! The Happy Cat Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Cat Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.


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