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He will then launch multiple projectiles near him, dealing heavy damage (player's current hitpoints at that time minus 5), so it is recommended to keep health low and quickly heal up to avoid being comboed out. Due to Tekton's high defences, it is recommended to bring an extra weapon to target Tekton's weakness to crush, If you don't want to bring an extra weapon for Tekton, your normal weapon can still deal damage to Tekton, it will just be inaccurate. However isn't recommended once you are confident, Blessed chaps can be used instead in raids without Tekton or Guardians if you need more inventory space, Only better than the abyssal tentacle and whip in raids with Tekton or Vasa. Combat Settings. Yes (20) Vespine soldiers are offspring of Vespula. After a while, they explode, and another grub appears where it hatched. The ice demon has very high defence and has damage reduction against all but fire spells. Tekton should only be fought if dragon warhammers/bandos godsword special attacks are being used. The stats shown are scaled for a player with maxed combat stats. Immune to poison? The Chambers of Xeric is Old School RuneScape's first Raid. Vespina is a pet who is a much smaller version of Vespula. A group of deathly rangers and mages stand on a platform with a tightrope running in between. Use Protect from Missiles, and attack with Ranged. When the portal is destroyed, Vespula and the lux grubs will fall with it, ending the encounter. A corrupted scavenger blocks the path and must be fed cavern grubs until it becomes full and tired. In the image shown this is the tile just right of the right Lux grub. Vespula has very strong poison (starting at 20 damage), so a form of poison protection is required when fighting her. In the chamber will be Vespula herself, four lux grubs and an abyssal portal. For this reason, it is recommended that at least one member of the team focuses solely on feeding blossoms to the grubs. However it should always be brought regardless of your main ranged weapon due to it being better in many rooms, Whilst a helmet switch can be used, it is generally recommended to use your best melee helmet in most situations, Requires bringing a rune pouch with runes for casting Fire Surge, Despite Tekton being weakest to crush, the scythes severe lack of crush bonus makes slash the best option in all scenarios (unless paired with, Despite Tekton being weakest to crush, the rapier's high accuracy overcomes this beating other weapons, With Fire Surge and a Tome of Fire in addition to normal mage gear, The crystal pickaxe is lighter than the dragon pickaxe, but this is the only way which it is better,, Any boots you're wearing should be unequiped, or wear your melee boots if that's not possible, Each pre-Olm room has three different layouts depending on the way the room curves (left, straight or right), Boss: Vasa Nistirio, Vespula, Tekton, Muttadiles, Vanguard, Lizardman shamans, Skeletal mystics, Guardians, Puzzle: Ice demon, Tightrope, Crabs, Thieving. you're not really in control of where she spawns so it's pretty random if you can get it before she hits it. Most helmets give negligble bonuses and more inventory space is better, Void is useful for learning as it reduces the amount of switches needed, and allows more inventory space. Press J to jump to the feed. View entire discussion ( 2 comments) More posts from the 2007scape community . The chamber contains lux grubs, which need to be fed medivaemia blossoms, which are also found in the same chamber. One of these will spawn at the start of the room. This Vanguard is weak to ranged attacks. Slayer Whenever possible use a toxic blowpipe, otherwise use a longer range weapon such as a twisted bow or crossbow. Players have to stand on a specific tile to avoid damage from Vespula's melee attacks, which deal much higher damage — it is diagonal from the lux grub closest to the portal, away from it — and click on the portal to attack, then retreat to the 'safe' spot while waiting for the next attack. With 90+ Hitpoints, players using Redemption are safe for the most part, as all damage (when properly done) comes from the stomp damage which is too low to kill outright, provided that Redemption is active. Skill requirement? The tightrope requires Agility in order to cross, the level requirement of which is determined by the party's average. In a solo raid, 30 grubs will be needed to make the scavenger sleepy provided this doesn't happen. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The scavenger's health bar will start regenerating if it hasn't been fed for at least one minute after it stopped eating. The special attack of the toxic blowpipe, Saradomin godsword, Guthan's set, Blood spells, and Sanguinesti staff will heal accordingly despite not dealing any damage on them. Varies Kill all the mystics before proceeding. An ice demon is blocking the way further into the cavern. Vespula is one of the bosses encountered in the Chambers of Xeric. It must be warmed up to force it out of its spot. This allows for highly boosted stats, prayer point regeneration, as well as healing, and prayer and stat restoration. Remember which chests contain poison, as the poison chests will automatically lock itself like the grub ones. One crystal will always target a player in the room, but it can be easily avoided. It is recommended to bring an extra Super restore for raids with Vespula, due to repeatedly using Redemption draining your prayer faster than normal. While they are out of their shells, their health bar is shown to help players with damage maintenance. In the other end of the chamber are several Medivaemia blossom plants which can be picked. These are important for allowing you to make potions with greater ease, but care should be taken to not overfill them. When flinching, run two tiles away from the Guardian immediately after attacking, so that the stomp attack can be completely evaded if it manages to retaliate back. A small room filled with at least two lizardman shamans (dependent on party size) are in the room, with several spawns blocking the way forward. Void ranged is better than Armadyl armour in raids that don't feature Skeletal Mystics or Vespula, You can exchange this item for more inventory space if needed, This item is not needed if using the Twisted Bow, The special attack should only be used if you don't need to use a defence lowering special attack in the next rooms. Note that a coloured orb cannot change colour again - if a green orb hits a red crab, it will disappear. More experienced players can use their blowpipes on the shamans, but they must be careful not to make them jump, or take unnecessary damage. Vasa's special attack can be deadly for those unprepared. The chances a chest opening depends on whether the player has a lockpick or hair clip. Multiple saplings are nearby which can be cut for kindlings. I'll be following this thread because this bitch is the only Raids room that I've never been able to successfully solo. The "tank" should take a hit every three to four blowpipe hits to ensure that the ranger does not change aggro to an attacker. Raids can be completed with lower Herblore levels, due to the amount of Overload (+) dropped by bosses such as Tekton and Mutadile meaning you may not need to make any yourself. Posted by 5 days ago. Crystals will fall from above, dealing moderate damage covering a 3x3 radius, with shadows indicating where they will fall. Vasa has a high Magic level, so the twisted bow is highly recommended to end the encounter quickly, as a prolonged fight will exhaust the player's supplies significantly faster compared to the other bosses. These odds are dependent on the player's Thieving level. The magic Vanguard will fire three balls of lava that deal damage in an area and Pray from Magic should be used. Whilst the prayer restoration is the more important part of Revitalisation potions, they can be used to restore your magic stat quickly should you need to save someone from Olm's fire attacks, as Overloads only reset drained stats every 15 seconds. Vespula est un genre d'insectes contenant différentes espèces de guêpes sociales dont certaines sont des espèces \"coucou\", c'est-à-dire qu'elles habitent dans le nid d'une autre espèce pendant un certain temps, souvent pendant leur état larvaire, avant de partir, quand elles ont atteint leur état adulte, pour se reproduire. C'est une jeune femme impulsive aux cheveux blonds à la poitrine plantureuse. Previously, Vespula could start unhatching the grubs if the room was loaded while the party was completing a previous room. The chests have a chance of containing the cavern grubs required, though it may instead contain unhatched cocoons. The grubs have a health bar, which will constantly degrade. Cookies help us deliver our Services. For healing whilst there are many options in most raids only Xeric's Aid is used, with exception to the bats occasionally gotten from the thieving room.


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