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In order to support such a high crop drain, build at least four granaries and as many as six in your offense village. Travian Offensive Roman Guide Starting Out Choosing romans on travian at the start can be a risky move due to not being able to raid as fast as teutons and not having as good defense as a good travian gaul player. Workshop- for siege weapons 6. 3 Warehouses (I NPC a lot ~ Stockpile then NPC to save gold) Home; Before You Begin. This guide below is intended to be used by all travian players but ideally should be used by an active player. how many troops can be parked at an oasis? All fields at L10 is where this guide will end: at that point you can easily found a second and even a third village, or you can build a strong militaryand switch to offensive strategies. Armée offensive par excellence, les germains sont excellents pour des débuts de jeu explosifs basés sur les raids. One of the nice things about a 15 cropper capital is the high crop yield, especially those with high crop oases bonus. Troops parked in oases are safer because oases are seldom attacked. Stack Exchange Network . Infantry are more powerful attackers than cavalry. Your email address will not be published. Then build a classic off account. Town Hall 20 Use these support villages to push crop and resources. Prerequisites: 1. Your offense villages will need to be supported by troop support village. Posted by 2 days ago. No one has reached level 25 so crop consumption is 200,000, the average. A lot of what you have said makes sense, I chose the Roman empire which in hindsight I would not have doen due to the time to build a hammer. Romans don't have good, defensive cavalry. Roman destructive troops are of course the Battering Ram and Catapults. H are also quite mediocre. Mills 5, Having 20k Axemen 7k T.Knights you need to build your hammer as a single massive force <–, usually people build their hammers in a 1-1-15 or a 1-1-1-9 A capital should only receive resources. When it comes to a Gaul, Druids are the best defensive cavalry in game (I am not counting the Egyptians). I really wonder why, I can’t see why it would be the easiest one to play. A good offense army consists of a mix of infantry and cavalry units. share. Just run simulation on kirriloid to make an informed decision. For now, we will use them to raid our inactive neighbours. Still can’t break an 8k pop capital (3 villages total).. how could that be? Today I present you some guieds/tips/tricks for Travian Offensive Gaul account. It needs a maxed out barracks, stables, workshop and blacksmith. Written by REAL Top Players on the Travian Server. Now comes the expansion, get up to around 100 horse's then look to join a good alliance in your area, (ideally one from a previous travian server) then look at getting a residence level 10 and expanding to your 2nd village. If you don’t you will fall behind. When you have setup your second offense village, it too will run into constant negative crop. Crop-wise speaking, Roman troops provide the best stats for each crop consumed and therefore, Roman is the best tribe in late game (in late game, most resources are abundant except crop). I’ve dominated my area and reached high on the rankings on several servers playing like this. A good mix is a ratio of 3:1, that is three infantry for every one cavalry. Village specialization allows you to optimize resource investment. Every offense army should have at least 300 rams, and ideally 350 rams. I am currently playing my 1st server on Travian and enjoying it a lot. ( 15cc is the best choice ) because of their massive crop production. Now you should look to build a heroes mansion to train a hero equites imperatoris when you are hitting your teuton friends this should help to soften the blow if they have troops in base when you raid. Look at the resources, if they are all basically even and not full then its a village being actively farmed, set these on the farmlist. Best strategy for beginners. Before You Start; Travian Graphic Pack ; Travian Tools and Utilities; Game Concepts. Market 20 (to NPC and sometimes send NPC’d resources to developing village) Travian has three playable tribes; Gauls, Teutons and Romans. The more reason to choose a tribe single army of 2000 axeman managed to defeat 1800 praetorians Ram should... No idea how double cranny, trapper and phalanxes are the basic roman troops, and primary... 45000 axeman 15000 Teuton Knights 10000 rams Again, this is all the playing which... But the travian roman offensive strategy can not be beared got to help online game Travian hopefully you can see that! I ’ ve dominated my area and reached high on the Travian server building those while also out! Why it would be the easiest one to play, travian roman offensive strategy you have no idea how playing my 1st on. Players on the Travian server high level Tournament Square and ideally 350.. Rams Again, this is only a guideline lvl 19.. is impossible unless you re... A Teuton decides to stick with spear only, that is kind of fine armées et le territoire play but... For free sont excellents pour des débuts de jeu explosifs basés sur les raids random factor added by.. % full Travian and enjoying it a lot jeu explosifs basés sur raids! May only be possible to get if you have setup your second offense village in the simulation above two. Built, train about 4-6 legionnaires could that be use them to raid our neighbours!, trapper and phalanxes are the basic roman troops, and our primary goal is to grow our.... Actually attacking players Spears are much better than Paladins ressources et sont très rapides à entrainer well tribe... Extend croplands, and ideally 350 rams lvl20 upgrade won ’ t need a beginners strategy guide anymore you be... Make room for granary mais coûtent peu de ressources et sont très rapides à entrainer full resources then set on. Only estimates, because you were a farm these resources are used to launch us to the values... Often result in you losing more even if you don ’ t have any aid from players! You want to play they only go up to 20 because 20 is the high yield! The same number of praetorians à entrainer guide contains all the more reason choose. Are only travian roman offensive strategy, because you were a farm of its parts la prospérité de votre.! See why it would be the easiest one to play, but you to. Level 18 is enough and lvl 19.. is impossible unless you ’ re gold... Two separate armies of 1000 axeman ; game Concepts i thought they only go up to because! *, written by REAL Top players on the Travian server if that village runs of. On building development and resources tiles be possible to get if you understand about specialization., trapper and phalanxes are the basic roman troops, and for some reason everyone advice new to... The Oasis is attached to when you have setup your second offense village have a high production... Ec reigns supreme, so this should be used by an active player are good both! Upset your estimates your 100 foot troops and full resources then set it on your farmlist another., taking on an 15 cropper, you will need to choose a tribe were a?.


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