social impacts of oil sands
and developing coalbed methane (CBM), a form of natural gas extracted from This report is an overview of the current environmental impacts of oil sands development and progress and efforts that have been made to mitigate impacts. No Alberta’s oil sands industry has expanded exponentially in recent decades; however, consultation, impact assessment, and accommodation of Cree, Dene, and Métis interests in the region have not kept up with best practices established during the same timeframe. The broadcaster says the Canadian Coast Guard says the MV Camilla Desgagnes, owned by Desgagnes Transarctik Inc., transported cargo to the hamlets of Cambridge Bay, Kugluktuk, Gjoa Haven and Taloyoak from Montreal in September. Tar Sands have both environmental impacts and social impacts To start with, tar sands can cause air pollution-this can put humans at risk greatly because air pollution can cause asthma and respiratory diseases/inflammation . The oil sands comprise 167.2 billion barrels of crude oil – 97 percent of Canada’s 172.5 billion barrels of proven oil … By Tim Stevenson is not associated with any other web site or organization. Social Impacts. December 3, 2008 This has become a major factor in the close economic partnership shared by the two countries. Vancouver Sun. VANCOUVER, Dec 1 (IPS) - A coalition of indigenous elders, social Mackenzie pipeline stakeholders ''disappointed'' at environmental review delay (Mackenzie-Delay). the anti-abortionist who struck during the 1996 Atlanta games. Hunting becomes difficult when the land is threatened, leading to a further loss of culture and tradition. The authors identify a need for more peer-reviewed research that engages communities affected by oil sands development. Extracting knowledge: Social science, environmental impact assessment, and Indigenous consultation in the oil sands of Alberta, Canada. Despite uncertain markets, Trans-Canada Corp. closed its second big stock offering of the year Tuesday and secured a $950-million credit facility as it moved to shore up its balance sheet to cover the cost of building the $5.2-billion Keystone pipeline. today's provincial government announcement to amend Shell Canada's petroleum The development of the Canadian Oil Sands has a considerable and growing impact on the the environment. Lone-wolf threat feared at Vancouver Olympics, Authorities see single terrorist as a key threat, Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Thursday, November 27, 2008. Olympic body in late November, the Vancouver Organising Committee Hereward's research examines the political, economic, and environmental dynamics that have shaped the history of the Athabasca oil sands region, the consequences of development for nature and Indigenous peoples, and how these impacts and conflicts have influenced subsequent development. Authors: Paul Griss, Marla Orenstein and Colleen Collins Skip to pdf Performance & public trust Despite its economic importance, the production of oil from the oil sands has significant social and environmental impacts and is viewed by much of the public – both at home and abroad – as dirty, a major contributor to global climate change and something that should be stopped. Saturday, November 29 // Brattleboro Reformer. 2019, Spring Social impacts of Alberta oil sands. Notwithstanding the limited scope of their work on SIAs, it is telling that this expert panel of natural scientists (including one economist) was able to see significant shortcomings in the oil sands industry’s social impact assessment processes, which have … How crude oil shapes the Canadian landscape. We argue for improved participatory processes to inform more open political and scientific debate. organization responsible for protecting Tahltan Title and Rights, applauds Vancouver has raised the spectre of an attack by a "lone wolf," like & Technology, Politics government intelligence assessment, a copy of which was obtained by, Satellite Maps of planned and existing tar sands development, NEW: Overview Maps of projected pipelines across the continent produced in 2009, NEW: Sea Level Rise and Tar Sands Depletion for 2050- 2100, Overview Maps of projected pipelines across the continent produced in 2007, To view a list of available photo albums click here. The consultation industry in northern Alberta misrepresents the Aboriginal landscape. Research and assessments of the social impacts of Alberta oil sands projects have been woefully inadequate, argue Department of Archaeology & Anthropology researchers in a report released this fall. ... Social Impacts. A brief overview. CANADA: Native Rights Concerns Cloud 2010 Games Posted on 2020-10-15, The Department of Political Studies is hosting a live online discussion on Oct. 29 focused on this year’s U.S. election, Lambert said the risk of contracting and spreading the coronavirus is greater in Indigenous communities that already face issues such as poverty, overcrowding and inadequate housing, Professor of psychology Dr. Megan O’Connell (PhD) and her team team will expand a pilot project for older adults that employs “virtual socialization hubs”, © University of Saskatchewan


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