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Posted by 6 days ago. I see this as a tribute good job! For this reason, the talented performer went to New York to learn a new way to express herself. The interaction between both of the iconic woman, one well-known on the east side and the other highly recognized on the west is a great example of professionalism promoting the Women Support Women movement. ■レディー・ガガ日本公式HP:http://ladygaga.jp/, 渡辺直美 (Naomi Watanabe) ▼ Check out the original music video below. The art direction deserves recognition for how well the visuals match the meaning of the song: at the beginning of the video Lady Gaga is on the floor with some injuries and it's raining knives, a very good way to relate the pain with the rain. The author has experience writing in Spanish and English for national and international media such as The Things News, Latinamerican Post, and The Woman Post. … Posting a teaser in Japanese and English on her Instagram a day before the release, Watanabe said that she had obtained official permission from Gaga to record the video and that she got the idea after Rain on Me’s release in May. I love the way she doesnt care bout people's onslaught and just being herself through every secene of the this parody. And speaking of Yuriyan Retriever, let’s all take a moment to admire her brilliant performance as Arianna Grande. Her confidence and positive attitude is a great example to others of self-love and empowerment. Her "Rain on Me" parody is so well made that Lady Gaga noticed it and expressed her love toward Naomi’s work: “Love this!! The actress doesn’t use her weight as comedic material, which is a huge step in an industry that is so strict with women's image. Bringing you yesterday's news from Japan and Asia, today. Related: Lady Gaga Humbly Celebrates Her 9 VMA Nominations For ‘Chromatica’ And ‘Rain On Me’. "If you have the will, you can do anything", said Naomi during an interview with NHK World-Japan. One of the hilarious differences in Watanabe’s version, however, is the fact that she has a Japanese dango candy stick stuck in her leg instead of the knife seen in Lady Gaga’s thigh. 1.4m members in the AnimalCrossing community. hide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoAm4om0wTs, レディー・ガガ「Rain On Me with Ariana Grande」発売中 Let's hope so! Doja Cat – Like That / CHIKO Choreography. Keep doing no matter what is in ur way gurl!!!!!! The video is more mind-blowing than laugh-out-loud funny, with costumes, effects and performances so professional they’re actually on par with the original video. I love it! LOS Secretos De "Enemigos Ocultos" Que NADIE TE CONTÓ! Both of them ended up being amazing dancers. Now Watanabe is back with a new parody performance, and this time the 32-year-old has stepped into the bright pink figure-hugging leotards of Lady Gaga for a tribute to the singer’s “Rain On Me” music video. “Rain on Me” singers Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga won Best Collaboration, Best Cinematography, and Song of the Year at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. 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My partner and I play in opposite hemispheres. Since its release on July 25, the parody video was watched over 3.5 million times — and this number presumably includes Gaga. The duo earned seven nominations on its own, including Video of the Year. Because this is unreal how accurate it is, これみてぜったい髪の毛のばして紫のハイライト入れようってなった。笑笑アリアナすきすぎる説. – KAROL G | FitDance Life (Official Choreography) | Dance Video. youtu.be/QNWaq6... 0 comments. In Naomi's version, there are Japanese sweets falling from the sky, she pulls out the snack in her leg and eats it which makes the scene absolutely hilarious. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Naomi Watanabe, one of the most famous comedians and entertainment figures of Japan, reached 16M views on YouTube with her iconic “Rain on Me” parody. share. WAIT ON ME - A Rain On Me Parody. Watanabe also referred to the A Star is Born actress with the honorific “Sama” which is used to talk about a very important and respected person. Japanese prefecture proves its beauty with scenery showcase【Video】, Starbucks unveils festive new Christmas drinkware range for 2020, What’s the best spoon for Japanese curry?【Photos】, Fried chicken pillows with sizzling ASMR audio will soothe your soul, rouse your appetite, Starbucks Japan unveils its first Christmas Frappuccino for the festive holiday season, Former Empress of Japan imparts wise, moving words on talent and its loss, 25 different Japanese convenience store sandwiches – What’s inside them?【Photos】, » Naomi Watanabe slays Lady Gaga in “Rain On Me” parody video. Watanabe pulls the sweet out of her leg and stuffs it into her mouth mid-lyric. A true comedian can spread joy with kindness and respect. Vocal Coach Reacts to Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (Official Music Video), Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (Official Music Video), Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga - rain on me (Sad Version), Rain On Me - 80s Version Remix Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande. © SoraNews24 -Japan News- / SOCIO CORPORATION, a little happy dance to the tune of the rice cooker jingle, Cheap paradise: Daiso’s microwave potato chip maker is healthy, easy, and delicious【Taste test】, Official Evangelion emergency rations, with curry and beef bowls, are now on sale【Photos】, KonMari’s YouTube reveals interesting fact about Japanese vs. non-Japanese online preferences, Government plan has everyone talking about a 17-day-long New Year holiday, We try Burger King Japan’s “Fake Burger”, a chip butty on steroids, Terrific Tochigi! Use the pinned Q&A + … Source, images: YouTube/NAOMI CLUB save hide report. KAROL G – Ay DiOs Mío! Keep doing no matter what is in ur way gurl!!!!! yu hsuan Chao says: July 26, 2020 at 9:54 pm. On the September equinox when our skies matched up, we took a photo “together”. However, their hit keeps going viral, especially in Asia. However, after her dreams came true in her home country, Naomi felt ready to take on new challenges. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! We can always find a lot of reasons to stay united and inspire others. save. Twitter @notinu ▼ And the iconic hair-flowing-in-the-wind scene. Watanabe is an artist used to drawing smiles on her viewer's faces, winning people's hearts with jokes and great charisma. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Her open and bubbly personality is starting to be well received in the US, too, Related: Lady Gaga: Which Chromatica Song You Are Based On Your Zodiac. !” Gaga tweeted tagging Watanabe. The famous Japanese comedian and actress replied to Gaga’s praise with a famous Japanese scream use in mangas and anime for expressing excitement and fangirl over a star. instagram @yuriyan.retriever Known as the Beyoncé of Japan, Watanabe has been praised as the ultimate super performer. I love it! By JBFlyBoi], HOTBOII ft. Plies "Noun" (Official Video), Ay, DiOs Mío! The upbeat record with a cosmic imagery concept has captivated pop listeners with success.


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