problem identification methods
Identification through objective analysis and Doing this can also help you identify any gaps in the data you have gathered. A visual representation and a working definition together makes it far easier to describe a problem to others. is a quick game designed to show players that perspectives are made, not born. CDC twenty four seven. Developing good strategy doesn’t require a complicated process. As the wall fills up with sessions, the group are then invited to join the sessions that interest them the most and which they can contribute to, then you’re ready to begin! This method enables young children to express both usability and fun problems while playing a computer game. Draw a Tree #thiagi #opening #perspectives #remote-friendly. In many organisations it is possible to set up formal systems of communication so that problems are reported early on, but inevitably these systems do not always work. What the lego challenge brings to the problem solving games ecosystem is a fun working example of what it is to work with different stakeholders who might not be on the same page and then move forward with a problem solving process that works for everyone. Regular monitoring of conditions, using similar indicators Who doesn’t love Lego! Text edited at the Institute for Use the following in problem identification: Check Sheets: usually identify where and how often problems appear in a product or service. Here are some of our favorite warm-up activities for problem solving workshops. Using this example, we see the real problem is not that the Board isn’t thinking strategically, it is that we don’t have a formalized training / development program for our Board members. Voila! Problem Identification. Finally, engaging in robust problem identification reveals information and knowledge that will inform the problem analysis phase of strategy development and begins to create a focus on the information that is critical to solving the problem. Individual approaches to problem solving can be very different based on what team or role an individual holds, and so it can be easy for existing biases or perspectives to find their way into the problem solving process. Fortunately, if you invest enough time on defining the problem consensus around the problem will generally emerge. Whether one is developing an organizational strategy, which is often solving a series of problems with the main question being how to get an organization from Point A to Point B, or tackling a specific challenge, you have to invest the time to adequately define and redefine the problem to: Problem identification requires a blend of critical and analytical thought. SQUID (Sequential Question and Insight Diagram) is a great problem solving model that allows a team to effectively switch between giving questions and answers and develop the problem solving skills they need to stay on track throughout the process. Q: Why doesn’t the Board know another way. identified, both now and in the future, as evidence that objectives when there are several valid ways to proceed but outcomes are not predictable in detail. In this situation, stakeholder interviews helped the researchers understand the true, underlying cause of the lack of prenatal care in the city. Problem solving games like The Creativity Dice allow teams to overcome the potential hurdle of too much linear thinking and approach the problem solving process with a sense of fun and speed. The approach may only show problems as symptoms. Group discussion can comprise the bulk of most problem solving activities and by the end of a problem solving process, you might find that your team is talked out! Remember that problem analysis and further discussion is also an important part of the problem solving process. Firstly, facts need to be checked. W³ – What, So What, Now What? World Cafe enables this approach by creating a relaxed atmosphere where participants are able to self-organize and explore topics relevant and important to them which are themed around a central problem solving purpose. Great when trying to instill a problem solving mindset across your organization! In The Creativity Dice, participants are organized around a topic and roll a dice to determine what they will work on for a period of 3 minutes at a time. DADs make it easy for a group or community to discover practices and behaviors that enable some individuals (without access to special resources and facing the same constraints) to find better solutions than their peers to common problems. Why an Investment in Problem Identification Matters. Stakeholders are people or groups closely affected by or concerned with the problem and are interested in policy solutions for it. Once the timer is up, ask the group how many people included the roots of the tree and use this as a means to discuss how we can ignore important parts of any system simply because they are not visible. Social Problem Solving Want to see how a team can solve big problems and move forward with prototyping and testing solutions in a few days? Now for problem solving activities that are a little out of the (toy) box. Depending on the problem that one is defining, one or a few methods might be applied to clarify the problem. In this creativity framegame, you improve the solutions to several problems. POLARIS > Policy Process > Problem Identification. data, to identify current problems. That said, the first solution is not necessarily the best, and by including a further review and reflection activity into your problem solving model, you can ensure your group reaches the best possible result. Be sure to take the opportunity to ensure everyone is aligned and ready to effectively implement the solutions you produced in the workshop. Not every problem solving process is right for every challenge, and deciding on the right approach for the problem at hand is a key part of being an effective problem solving team. It’s rewarding to see a diagram grow throughout the exercise, and a completed SQUID can provide a visual resource for future problem solving activities and as one of your problem solving examples for other teams. In Lightning Decision Jam, participants are invited to begin by writing challenges, concerns or mistakes on post-its without discussing them before then being invited by the moderator to present them to the group. The resulting matrix is a simple, easy to follow way of ensuring your team can move forward. Doodling Together is one of our favorite creative ice breaker games – it’s quick, effective and fun and can make all following problem solving steps easier by encouraging a group to collaborate visually. Providing a means for your team to give feedback with short written notes can ensure everyone is head and can contribute without the need to stand up and talk. Impact and Effort Matrix #gamestorming #decision making #action #remote-friendly. Individual and group perspectives are incredibly important to problem solving strategies, but what happens if people are set in their minds and need a change of perspective in order to approach a problem more effectively? However, the neighborhoods had the same risk factors for not getting adequate prenatal care. Using abstractions such as a diagram of a fish can really help a team break out of their regular thinking and develop creative approach to both the problem and solution. two concepts, objectives and problems, are two sides of the That said, there are some problem solving strategies and approaches that work best as root cause analysis tools and can be used as a root cause analysis template. Be specific! Saving Lives, Protecting People, Office of the Associate Director for Policy and Strategy. Fishbone Analysis – or Ishikawa diagram as also popularly labeled –  helps groups to dig deeper and understand the origins of a problem in order to deliver more considered and effective solutions. Developing problem solving strategies that will be effective can involve difficult but necessary planning. A process to help identify and understand the origins of problems, issues or observations. Discovery & Action Dialogue (DAD) #idea generation #liberating structures #action #issue analysis #remote-friendly. What are the weaknesses of this approach? A range So how do you develop problem solving strategies that are engaging, empower your team to come up with the problem solving steps that will be most effective? With DAD, you can help a group to choose which problems they wish to solve and which approaches they will take to do so. Create wild, weird and often funny postcards together & establish a group’s creative confidence. There are a number of methodologies that can be used to determine the root cause. Bonus points if you are able to identify any sharks in the water and develop problem solving strategies that can also deal with outside parties. Since this activity has more than round ideas that are repetitive can be ruled out leaving more creative and innovative answers to the challenge. Dotmocracy – or Dot Voting -is a tried and tested method of helping a team in the problem solving process make decisions and put actions in place with a degree of oversight and consensus. During this first stage of problem solving, it is important to get an initial working definition of the problem.  Although it may need to be adapted at a later stage, a good working definition makes it possible to describe the problem to others who may become involved in the problem solving process.  For example: The second stage of the problem solving process involves gaining a deeper understanding of the problem. Click here to see the article on Diverse Perspective and sign up here to get the next article on problem investigation. Identify the root cause of the problem by collecting information and then talking with stakeholders. Without this, some types of Courtesy of Jonathan Courtney of AJ&Smart Berlin, Lightning Decision Jam is one of those problem solving strategies that should be in every facilitation toolbox. Use the following in problem identification: Your email address will not be published. same coin. Lead to group consensus on what the problem actually is, which is vital to creation of good strategic solutions. Remember to carefully design and plan your workshop agenda so you can ensure you can include warm up problem solving activities and help your participants prepare for the session ahead. Some problems are simpler than others and with the right problem solving activities, you can empower people to take immediate actions that can help create organizational change. At a minimum, these will create momentum, and that may make a BIG difference. Sometimes it will become apparent that what seems to be a single problem, is more accurately a series of sub-problems.  For example, in the problem: “I have been offered a job that I want, but I don't have the transport to get there and I don't have enough money to buy a car.”, “I want to take a job” (main problem) a carbon monoxide level in excess of 8.5ppm were both to be Look ahead! Here, you want to clearly articulate what the problem is and allow your group to do the same. Of course, each group (or reader) will answer these questions differently; the point is to engage in the process to dig deeper into the actual root problem. However, those data alone aren’t enough to help you understand whether it is a problem in your community.


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