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Aenghus mac Og, her son, was the product of the affair between Boann and Dagda. The term Tuatha de Danaan (where Boann is), means "land" and also "people." Boann challenged the power of the well by walking around it widdershins; this caused the waters to surge up violently and rush down to the sea, creating the Boyne. Boan is home to the Serbian Uskok clan. In a variant of the same story as told in the Dindsenchas, Boand tried to hide her infidelity with the Dagda by washing herself in Nechtan's well, but when she approaches it, it overcomes her, and she drowns. According to the Lebor Gabála Érenn she was the daughter of Delbáeth, of the Tuatha Dé Danann. return to Home Page or move on to Goddess Bendis, next chronologically, or use Her Cyclopedia Index Boann, {Queen-Mother-of-Cows}. See her darting in and out of light and shadow, attaching to the greater aspects of both and showing all to you. Meditation: Goddess Boann is here to invoke creative inspiration and to give you courage to go beyond what is comfortable in order to gain knowledge. Her husband is variously Nechtan, Elcmar or Nuada Airgetlám. BOANN (Boínd, Boínn) is the Goddess of water, fertility, inspiration and knowledge. [23], Another Buan, named the wife of the one-armed King Mesgegra of Leinster, dies of grief after Conall Cernach beheads her husband. Her name is interpreted as ‘white cow’ (bó fhionn) in the Dindsenchas. Hazelnuts, salmon and water all represent wisdom. The poem equates her with famous rivers in other countries, including the River Severn, Tiber, Jordan River, Tigris and Euphrates. How to end CASH BAIL in SLC: Money is a weapon used against the poor. Torn into pieces by the water, the two halves became the rocks known as Cnoc Dabilla, or Hill of Dabilla. [18][19], According to the story "Cormac's Adventure in the Land of Promise", there is a well in Tír na nÓg surrounded by nine purple hazel trees. They were the guardians who kept anyone from entering these sacred grounds and possibly obtaining knowledge no mortal or other god should understand. Her name means “She of the white cattle.” She was the wife of Nechtain and the beloved of the Dagda, the Good God. Hazelnuts were known to fall into the Well, where they were eaten by the speckled salmon (who, along with hazelnuts, also embody and represent wisdom in Irish mythology). Her story is reminiscent of the biblical Eve who rebelled against God's word in her quest for knowledge. [24], Modern-day commentators and modern paganism sometimes identify Boann with the goddess Brigid or believe Boann to be Brigid's mother;[25] however there are no Celtic sources that describe her as such. When Baile asks the trickster from whence he comes and the reason for his haste, the trickster lies and tells Baile that he brings news of the death of Ailinn, who was killed by the warriors of Leinster and that she and her lover will only be reunited in death. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for our email list and get notified when we publish the next edition! Another theory is that it was named after an administrative region of the ancient Persian empire. Buan's son is named as Baile, loved by both men and women, who falls in love with Ailinn, daughter of Lugaid, son of Fergus of the Sea. Boann or Boand (modern spelling: Bóinn) is the Irish goddess of the River Boyne, a river in Leinster, Ireland. Boann is the spirit of Ireland’s Boyne River, responsible for its creation. If you are unable to access a stream or river, you may supplement your meditation by listening to Boann's Clan (a musical group) which offers an entire album dedicated to Boann's story called "Dance of the Water Gods."


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