overwatch control point
There is at most only one point to attack and another to defend once the first cp has been captured. Hanzo and Genji’s sakura-petal-drenched home, Hanamura has a lot of similarities to Temple of Anubis, but has more open flanking paths, denser middle routes filled with corridors and easier traversal around the outside. Bold characters with extraordinary abilities fight across fantastic yet familiar battlegrounds in an epic, globe-spanning conflict. To capture the checkpoint, members of only one team must stand on the point for a given time, speed increasing with the number of teammates pre… Standing on them isn’t much faster than running in most cases. Page Tools. That means you should use it. Unlike most maps, if everyone flanks on Numbani, it’s still a good strat. Point’s yours? Any character with decent mobility tools can fly, blink, rocket or det pack themselves over to the outcropping there and go behind defenders. You can set up in an easily defendable position behind attackers quite easily as Soldier: 76 or Roadhog or another self-healer and take pot-shots. It will let your team spread out across the various other areas, so long as you react quickly when assaults are made. It’s just very easy to pick people off solo, get behind healers and generally make a nuisance of yourself. Lastly, be sure to comprise your team of a healthy number of attackers and defenders among your tanks and healers. A lot of death-falls are available across the attacker’s lefthand side of the map – ‘booping’ enemies off with Lucio or D.Va, especially on defense, is a real threat. This means that there is no distinction to attacking or defending teams like in other game modes. Attackers are gonna spend a lot of time on this map, so you want to take that point ASAP. The map itself has one of the longest pre-payload hybrid sections, at least in time-to-take if not actual distance. Unlike Anubis, not only is Hanamura a pretty great map for it on defense, it’s one of few where attacking as a Widowmaker – or other aim-heavy, long-range hero – can be effective. Seasonal events also came with their own special maps, as well as reskins of normal ones. My favourite is inside the hut near the capture point, where attackers basically can’t shoot it unless they go hunting, and will always be right in your sightlines. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. All of Lijang’s locations are incredibly open with outdoor locations or high ceilings. However, this leaves a lot of room for flanking movement by defenders in areas attackers believe they’re safe. Would love this, only really played these maps in TF2, comp or casual. On attack, just don’t get stuck on the opener. There are two control points in Assault, one control point per round in control, and one control point in Assault/Escort. Now, onto the maps themselves. All rights reserved. Overwatch Wiki Guide. Arcade has maps designed for Arena gamemodes, which are smaller in size and more suited to those modes. There are heroes that are just better at teamwork, do more AoE damage or have other synergistic effects when everyone’s charging in. As attackers are more naturally grouped on the cart more often, AoE abilities on either side are of high value. In those initial stages, the team who stays together will take that crucial first capture. A backstab on a healer because they stopped watching the corridor for a moment is going to delay, and against a less coordinated team can totally break their back. Pharah is also a solid hero pick when attacking any point. Once it unlocks, the objective area can be captured by either team. With so many tight hallways across all the maps, Moira is a great pick for a primary healer. Flankers also can find great success on any of the Nepal maps. They usually take the form of rectangular shaped areas that teams must either capture or defend in order to win a match. Overwatch is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on a near-future earth. It’s consistently open, has side routes and verticality everywhere and will support basically anyone you want to play, if you can do it well. Page Tools. Soldier: 76 is simarly talented at dealing with the quick switches from medium to short range combat that can happen. There are two control points in Assault, one control point per round in control, and one control point in Assault/Escort. You can also go up and left from the first down-hill part, giving you a far more open approach and better angles when you do. For the love of god, go left on attack. It cannot be overstated how important his speed boost is to get the team set up on the control point quickly. Of those that appear early in maps it’s one of the least passable, but that’s partly because the routes off it are so long. Each type has different objectives for a team to complete in order to win, ranging from capturing control points to pushing the payload to the finish line. Don’t get trapped at the large double-doors before the courtyard – you can fly over through the window on the left, dash into the building on the right and or just go up the stairs. On two particularly, just standing on the point and covering the right hand doors, the subway and the bridge is good. Choose a hero from a diverse roster of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities, each with their own unique set of abilities. Identical to Team Fortress 2’s cart-pushing mode, Payload is about getting a large device – usually big enough for several characters to stand on, though each is different – from the start of the map to the end. The first capture point is easily accessible and defensible with two points of entry. If at least one member of each team is on the same control point, that point will be contested, during which no progress will be made. They structure the game, direct the flow of play and make sure different heroes have their moments of dominance. Control Information Control is a "king of the hill" style game mode. By accepting you agree to our privacy policy. The problem is that 6 heroes aren't enough to attack and defend different points at the same time.The same goes for double payload race and capture the flag, Most TF2 competitive Control point maps are played with teams of 6s. It seems to have more of a historic and symbolic importance as opposed to a strategic one. Once you hit the first doors, it’s pretty simple to get from there to near the win point. Every point has inroads from at least three angles, and you need to know all of them, their health packs and angles. It’s possible to drop into the little alcove that’s adjacent to the capture point, if you want to flank anyone sitting on the zone.


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