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By What Hi-Fi… My system really is a rather modest one, using Polk R30's and R15's with a CS101 center and Definitive Technologies Pro-Sub-1000. I have an Onkyo that is about 6 years old and I really liked it. Denon AVR-1909 review This weighty Denon has aural grunt – but prefers movies to games By Richard Stevenson 08 September 2008. I … Although I cannot stand current 3D technology, the Denon is 3D capable - I cannot review that. Setup was very easy and I love the 3 quick set buttons that adjusts 7 things with one push. One, The Denon AVR-1909 design is fairly good one. Shares. Denon AVR-1909 review Good as it is, when compared with the best the Denon doesn’t display the same level of clarity with Blu-ray or DVD soundtracks and lacks the agility a Tested at £500.00. I would say the Denon …


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