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"[11], 2006 American action drama film directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall, "Adam Sandler Clicks With Another Box Office Best", Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Film: Outstanding Hip-Hop Movie, (Nominated) BET Hip-Hop Movie Awards, Tyrese Gibson: Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor, (Nominated) Black Movie Awards, Meagan Good: Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress, (Nominated) Black Movie Awards, Choice Female Breakout Performance, (Nominated), This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 23:26. Born in Los Angeles, California, Otis is the son of rhythm and blues pioneer, musician, bandleader, and impresario Johnny Otis, who was of Greek descent, and his wife Phyllis Walker, who was of African American and Filipino descent. Otis began playing guitar when he was two years old and … However, despite its long-awaited impact, Inspiration Information had but one single (the title track) reach the Billboard Hot 100. After a successful robbery of one of the Big Meat's locations, O2 and Coco come across a set of safe deposit box keys belonging to numerous banks. Grandson of the great Johnny Otis and son of Shuggie Otis, Lucky Otis is a multi-instrumentalist with a bloodline of blues, jazz, swing and R&B. Lucky, a bassist, began by playing with his grandfather, Johnny Otis, and then launched a solo career, heading his own group Otis Ledbetter with partner Louis Ledbetter, great-grandson of blues musician Lead Belly. Eric has played and toured in his father's band. Radio Venice S11.E06 – June 9, 2019 O2 kills Meat and his men and retrieves Junior. "[10], In 2011, Complex placed the film at number 25 on its list of the worst movies starring rappers. Otis is featured in every one of his father Johnny's books, as well as Alligator Records Presents West Coast Blues, issued in August 1998. "[5], Wesley Morris, writing for The Boston Globe, said that the movie captures the 2003 Jay-Z and Beyoncé duet more than the 1967 Arthur Penn classic with its monotonous chases and middling supporting cast that make up Curtis-Hall's take on the hood film genre, saying "It's [also] as if the only way he could justify making another movie smitten with thug life is by having the characters commit their crimes amid a climate of civic activism. They take the car to an alley and give him the money. Otis then released his first solo album later that year entitled Here Comes Shuggie Otis on Epic Records. Even though Otis played most of his own parts in the studio, the lineup on this album was quite extensive, including keyboardist George Duke and Aynsley Dunbar of Frank Zappa, Journey and Whitesnake fame. Radio Venice S13.E09 – March 15, 2020 Added to the album are several bonus tracks, including an accompanying album entitled Wings of Love. It's official... Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. It will be available on Shugiterius records (Otis's company) and Sony records, through Sony Music Entertainment. "[4], Steve Davis of The Austin Chronicle criticized Curtis-Hall's "cinema vérité" approach to the film, writing that it focuses less on the aspects of "parental instincts" found in Kramer vs. Kramer and Lorenzo's Oil for the violence-driven scenes of Bonnie and Clyde, saying that "In light of such sensationalism, the efforts [of Waist Deep] to make some meaningful social commentary about street gangs and the vicious circle in which African-American men often find themselves seem like an afterthought, rather than anything remotely sincere. King, who was quoted in a 1970 issue of Guitar Player magazine saying Otis was his "favorite new guitarist". Complex staff writer Matt Barone said that it could have been an underwhelming yet tolerable hood version of Bonnie & Clyde, had it not been for the casting of Game as the main antagonist that devolves it into "ludicrousness and lack of dramatic resonance" territory, concluding that "Hate it or really hate it, his overacting kills Waist Deep, and not in the slang term sense. Radio Venice S14.E07 – June 21, 2020 Radio Venice S13.E09 – March 15, 2020 Radio Venice S12.E11 – December 1, 2019 Radio Venice S12.E03 – September 29, 2019 The next day, they stage a number of bank robberies and are able to retrieve expensive jewelry, which Lucky offers to get rid to prove his worth. Inspiration Information gained a huge cult following during the 1990s with the emergence of rare groove and acid jazz. O2 catches up with Coco, a woman who sells stolen suits for P Money. Club's Nathan Rabin gave the film a "D" grade, saying "Waist Deep might have succeeded had Curtis-Hall pushed the outrageousness of his potboiler premise to the level of comic-book Grand Guignol, but the film lacks the energy and pizzazz to work as lurid pulp. Lucky sees this and tackles him as the man shoots, one shot hit Lucky in the side of the chest. Five days later in Mexico, Coco and Junior are living in a house on a beach. Last edited on 28 September 2020, at 01:40, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Shuggie Otis - Discography (Compilations)", "California Birth Index, 1905–1995 [database on-line]", "The Thermals: Desperate Ground Album Review | Pitchfork", "Shuggie Otis: Live at The Highline Ballroom, 1/10/2013", "REVIEW: Shuggie Otis Revels In His Second Chance", Shuggie Otis Interview for Echoes Magazine 2012,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, "Aht Uh mi Hed" sampled by Kapu (Venezuelan producer) for the track ", This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 01:40. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They stop at a gas station to attend to Lucky's wound. History, music and laughs. When O2 shows up late to pick Junior up from school, he swears that he will always come back for Junior. There are no reviews yet. It is loosely based on the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde, including some similar subplots including the two main characters on the road, trying to avoid police, and committing bank robberies. B. We talk about his legendary musical family - he's the son of Shuggy Otis and grandson of Johnny Otis- in a conversation laced with some of his guitar playing, song writing and singing. After a series of similar refusals, Otis gained the reputation of "taking his time", and his recording contract with Epic Records was nullified. He has also fronted a 13-piece rhythm-and-blues orchestra, The New Johnny Otis All-Stars, continuing his grandfather's Big Band legacy. After the album's release, Otis was approached by Billy Preston on behalf of The Rolling Stones, asking him to join the band for their upcoming world tour. It doesn't even give you a moment to think about it. Lucky Otis stops by the Heart and Soul Radio Program for an extended visit. Much respect from New Zealand See More See More They covered the song and it instantly became a smash hit. Lucky, Otis' unreliable cousin who works for Big Meat, the leader of the Outlaw Syndicate, offers to help. Otis's composition "Strawberry Letter 23" (as recorded by The Brothers Johnson) topped the Billboard R&B chart and reached #5 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1977. [citation needed] It was lauded by such musicians as Prince and Lenny Kravitz. Radio Venice S14.E07 – June 21, 2020 Kooper and the then-fifteen-year-old Otis recorded the whole album over one weekend in New York. A new, mostly instrumental, album was released in April 2018 titled Inter-Fusion. But if you start watching it, Waist Deep gives you no good reason to stop. He declined the offer, along with the chance to work with Quincy Jones in helping produce Otis's next album. Lucky, a bassist, began by playing with his grandfather, Johnny Otis, and then launched a solo career, heading his own group Otis Ledbetter with partner Louis Ledbetter, great-grandson of … [3], On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, Waist Deep has a 28% approval rating based on 76 reviews, with an average score of 4.36/10. I binge-watched most of the youtube vids they got of you playing. Songteksten van Lucky Otis kan je hier vinden op Lucky Otis. Both of Shuggie's sons, Lucky and Eric, are musicians. The album had taken almost three years to finish. All the songs were written and arranged by Otis himself, who played every musical instrument on the album, except for horns and some strings. Radio Venice S14.E12 – Cirque des Guitares, Radio Venice S13.E01 – Season 13 Premiere, Radio Venice S11.E13 – 150th Episode Live from Townhouse, Venice, Radio Venice S12.E01 – Season 12 Premiere, Radio Venice S11.E01 – Season 11 Premiere, Radio Venice S10.E01 – Season 10 Premiere, Radio Venice S09.E09 – An Afternoon at Chez Kay, Radio Venice S05.E12 – Live from Timewarp Records, Radio Venice S06.E08 – 2 Year Anniversary, Radio Venice S04.E03 – 1 Year Anniversary Show, Radio Venice S03.E10 – Live from the Townhouse. Radio Venice S15.E01 – Season 15 Premiere, Radio Venice S14.E01 – Season 14 Premiere. History, music and laughs. The site's critical consensus said: "A well-meaning B-movie that suffers from a cliche-ridden script and poorly drawn characters that fail to inspire much sympathy. Be the first one to, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). O2 tells Lucky they will get him to a hospital, but Lucky dies from his wounds. O2 hides in a parking lot and tells Coco to take Junior to the Mexican border while he outruns the cops. It is a re-release of Inspiration/Information. The album Otis received the most recognition for was his second Epic Records release in 1971, Freedom Flight, which featured his hit "Strawberry Letter 23". In between we play some classic blues. While growing up with and being heavily influenced by many blues, jazz and R&B musicians in his father Johnny's immediate circle, Otis began to gravitate towards the popular music of his generation such as Jimi Hendrix, Arthur Lee (of the band Love), and Sly Stone.


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