job reclassification vs promotion
Compensation does not have the ability to change the payroll title within an update action. %%EOF The supervisor should review the staff member’s evaluation of his/her job and make a determination of the accuracy of the evaluation. Promotion: A promotion is defined as a move from a job in a lower grade to a job in a higher grade. The role of the HR consultant is to provide guidance on the process, rules and regulations to the department administrator or director. The University maintains the right to classify or reclassify jobs as stated under Article 18, 19, and 20according to the emerging and changing needs of the University. As your role and responsibilities evolve at Harvard, you may change jobs or receive a promotion. Information regarding whether or not he/she supports the request is welcome but not required. HMS Human Resources Consultant - The HR consultant has an in-depth knowledge of the classification structure, the reclassification issues and pertinent laws and regulations. about How does Compensation determine the appropriate classification? In addition, the HR consultant has access to HMS and University-wide grade and job family data which helps in understanding HMS and University-wide grade and salary equity. These include an organizational chart, old job descriptions, a comparison of the job with others in the department/unit, and provides a context for understanding the job within the larger organizational structure. about What is the difference between a promotion and a reclass? The analyst's only option with an update is to continue the Job Description at the same title. The minimum of the assigned pay grade for the classification. When this happens, the Supervisor will receive an auto-generated email. Classifications are reviewed weekly by the HMS Classification committee for all new or replacement positions with substantive changes, grade 54 and above. The administrator/director also prepares materials that are included with the request. A reclassification requires a job audit from Human Resources to determine the appropriate job title for the assigned duties and responsibilities. A reclassification is a technical adjustment of a position’s title to ensure that the job title adequately describes the job duties and responsibilities performed by the employee. As a general rule of thumb, an increased work load does not justify a change in classification if the level of work is the same. The administrator or director will then communicate this to the staff member or supervisor and will be responsible for ensuring that the necessary paperwork be completed to make the changes. When there has been substantive, measurable change in job content and degree of responsibility or a restructuring of roles within a department, positions should be reviewed to ensure they reflect the appropriate grade. Reclassification is a change in the classification of a position resulting from a job audit by Human Resources where it is found that the duties and responsibilities of the position will be changed permanently, materially, and significantly.


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