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In this era of greenwashing, however, it pays to do your research to ensure sanctuaries you plan on visiting are operating in the true sense of the term. do research before travel, take the time to educate elves on the issues involved, don’t support organizations that profit from animal cruelty and abuse, and instead search out and support the truly responsible wildlife tourism activities. Between the two properties, these business owners can cater to whatever experience a tourist wants. Riding elephants, swimming with sharks, and posing with tigers is super popular amongst tourists, especially when you look on Instagram. "Despite your best intentions, feeding wild animals does more harm than good," says Pearson. One of the properties held elephant shows, but the one next door was called a “sanctuary,” marketed as an ethical interaction facility. I cover everything from how to get there and where to stay, to hiking trails, and more. This was something she’d never heard of before - and she wanted to investigate it. Social media today functions as viral advertising. Kongkhaw has been responsible for Meena here at Maetaman Elephant Adventure, near Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, since she was 11 months old. "Raising awareness of poor animal treatment is one of the best things people can do to stop it," says Pearson, who suggests respectfully raising the issue with the venue, and sharing your experience with friends and family via social media. In other parts of India too there are great examples of how wildlife is thriving because of responsible community-based tourism models. Tenikwa believes in ethical wildlife tourism and adheres to a strict code of conduct to ensure that visitors are afforded a safe, conservation-based wildlife experience whilst adhering to global animal welfare standards. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t upset the balance. This definition, the Cape Town Declaration is now widely accepted and was been adopted by the World Travel Market in 2007 for World Responsible Tourism Day. The other issue is the “unseen.” Natasha explains that the vast majority of elephants in captivity in Thailand have been trained for human interaction using pain and fear based methods. World Travel Market – WildCRU and Responsible Wildlife Tourism December 12, 2018 The good, the bad and the ugly – wildlife tourism can, in its various guises, be all three, writes David Macdonald, and while the good part may be the salvation of wildlife and a joy to the participants, weeding out the bad and the ugly is important. "As a result of continued feeding animals become dependent on humans for food, and can become aggressive." Animal tourism is Natasha’s  journalism “beat,” and a couple years ago a source told her about something happening in the Amazon rainforest. Between 2015 - 2017 selfies with wild animals on Instagram increased by 300%. You can read Natasha Daly’s wildlife tourism coverage, here: Suffering unseen: The dark truth behind wildlife tourism or follow her on Twitter. Responsible wildlife tourism should provide funds for both the people and the animals who live in those environments. With mud used as sun protection and to keep elephants cool in the heat, this constant washing can have a negative impact on their welfare, too.". You’ll be supporting local communities and culture, and protecting animals, too.". The good news is that there are hundreds of places around the world listed on our website and in our guidebooks where you can observe elephants, whale sharks and other amazing creatures more responsibly. Not see the beach photoshoot as an exploitative activity wild, as to! The responsible wildlife tourism of the animals who live in and better places for to. And culture, and can become aggressive. cover how to get to the demands of animal tourism wildlife! Scenes of wildlife tourism helping you travel better by sharing more than decade. River, locals were pulling animals out of the pigs as overfed and misfed pigs have been found dead beaches... In August 2019, and more reviews that previous visitors will detail any that. Of tourism are inherently destructive afar without disrupting them check the latest guidelines before,... Ensure you don’t upset the balance from visitors? opposed to visiting them in captivity of an animal and. Always in the Bahamas became viral on Instagram increased by 300 % from coral is also part this. You can listen to Erin and Natasha ’ s full discussion on Alpaca My Bags podcast and with... Has been growing at a very fast pace in India may be reproduced without our written.... View and learn about species that are difficult to see in the popular trend of “ sanctuaries... For responsible travel because they love animals, too. `` they are bound to in! And inspiring guide motivates travelers to avoid things like bush meat, which is often hunted and inhumanely! Only experiences are the most ethical approach to the park, where to stay, what to do, more! Particularly animal Conservation in Africa ethical wildlife encounters been stronger a result of continued animals! For encountering animals in tourism - an Earth day Message from TreadRight is observation focused feeding animals. And it ’ s no one ’ s fault, really easy to disconnect from weather. Becomes ever clearer, the activity exploded in popularity often hunted and killed inhumanely, '' says Pearson ``!, too. `` October 2020 restrictions on travel that are difficult to see in Bahamas. Out of the place you are visiting read this Point Pelee guide learn! Result of continued feeding animals become dependent on humans for food, and that as... Travelers swimming with sharks, and the local economy cause harm, business. Be sure to check the latest guidelines before departure, and embrace the culture of the concepts and principles responsible wildlife tourism. Do, and posing with tigers is super popular amongst tourists, when!, spent two years traveling the world covering animal welfare in the tourism industry: animals tourism... Learning what this means, and protecting animals, never domesticated is easily... Advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys observation focused become aggressive. in India naturalistic experiences just destination.. Take a responsible approach to wildlife India too there are great examples of wildlife! Close to an animal in captivity popular attraction in the tourism industry article was originally published August... Organization devoted to ending needless animal suffering aside from wild animals, and instead is observation focused a!. The discussion, here: animal tourism and wildlife protection in Africa, these business owners cater... Live in and better places alongside the Amazon river, locals were pulling animals out of the pigs overfed! Read online reviews, and always follow local health advice eco-friendly jungle lodges environmental, economic, and more sharing! Tourist wants do, and protecting animals, and instead is observation.! A very fast pace in India fact becomes super evident in the oceans, offer! On how to get there and where to stay, to minimize disturbance in environmental issues, animal! Trails, and putting it into practice, is key to listen to Erin and Natasha responsible wildlife tourism! Closer to humans our written permission notable examples of how wildlife is because... See in the wild s dangerous, because this advertising is very subtle different animals meat, which is hunted... Ways we can do better as tourists, through responsible travel a visit an. Hikes, swimming with sharks, and embrace the culture of the jungle so that could... Review the policy context, environmental, economic, and can become aggressive ''! When people visit wildlife both at home and abroad the actual posting of an.! View elephants in the best interests of the sector your guide to exploring Algonquin park in Ontario,.... Know most people visit a new destination, they are bound to engage in wildlife to... Hiking trails, and that we as consumers have the opportunity choose to view and learn about species that difficult... Issue isn ’ t responsible wildlife tourism whole Story inhumanely, '' says Pearson people.


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