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Employers should compare the data with their records and verify the computation of the contribution rate.  If an error is found in the computation of the rate or in the wages reported, an employer should explain the error and request a review and redetermination in writing within 15 days from the date the “Contribution Rate Notice” is mailed.  Any changes in the Effective Contribution Rate Schedule and/or increase in the average annual taxable wages or decrease in the ending reserve due to benefit charges or delinquent contribution payments may result in rate increase.  The contribution rate for new or newly covered employers is the same as the contribution rate assigned to employers with a .0000 reserve ratio. Training/Retraining In such cases, employers in other states will be requested to furnish wage and separation reports. The State portion of extended benefit payments. The Department of Health (DOH), Clean Water Branch (CWB) is seeking early stakeholder written input on the proposed draft NPDES General Permits listed below. Name and phone number of company official to contact about layoff plans Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Chapter 91. Welcome to the Hawaiian Home Lands program. Rental Help: Hawaii. If you continue to experience any difficulties, please contact the Clean Water Branch at [email protected] for assistance. All rights reserved. Unemployment Insurance Division. Details administrative procedures, such as  requesting a public record , public hearing, rule making, etc. Serve a one-week waiting period after filing the initial claim before any   payments can be made.  No benefits are paid for the waiting week period. The program has its roots in the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920, as amended. A copy of these rules is available at https://health.hawaii.gov/opppd/files/2015/06/11-1.pdf. This process replaces the current paper-based method of requesting information via mail (UC-BP-35, Request for Separation Information).  If you are looking for the fact sheets or rationales, press “CTRL+F” and type “fact sheet” or “rationale”. Current information on which schedule is in effect is available on the Internet at https://labor.hawaii.gov/ui. “Wages” include all remuneration for services from whatever source including commissions, bonuses, tips paid to an employee, which were reported to an employer, and payments in any medium other than cash.  There are, however, a few exclusions, such as payments to welfare plans, pension payments to retired workers, payments to employees serving in the armed forces, and payments to sick employees where there is a sick leave plan in effect.  These excluded wages should not be reported on the quarterly wage/contribution report. If you can conduct your business over the phone or through email, please do not visit the building.  Click here for poster. Employers will be assessed the following penalties for: Late Contribution Payment:  a penalty of 10% but not less than $10 will be assessed if contributions are not paid by the due date. Employers will be advised of their contribution rates in March of each year.  The contribution rate is based upon the ratio of the employer’s reserve balance to the employer’s average annual payroll.  The contribution rate can be found by locating the tax rate associated with the reserve ratio in the following table.  Contribution rates are in percentages. Domestic service performed for a person who paid cash remuneration of less than $1,000 to all individuals employed in any calendar quarter in the current or preceding calendar year. Or call your telephone company’s business office and ask to have your name removed from its street address directories. The virtual public hearing will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, February 1, 2021. Get an unlisted and unpublished phone number. File an initial claim online or in person with the Unemployment Insurance Division and file weekly or bi-weekly claim certifications as instructed; Register for work at the nearest State Workforce Development Division office within seven (7) days from the date of filing or if a member of a referring union, report to a union hiring hall; Have been paid wages during the base period of at least 26 times the weekly benefit amount and in at least two quarters of the base period. Register for ELERM at uiclaims.hawaii.gov or obtain more information at labor.hawaii.gov/ui/news/new-file-weekly-report-of-low-earnings-online. The Hawaii Employment Security Law was enacted in 1937 and subsequent amendments to the law have been made to keep current with the changes in Hawaii’s social and economic structure and conditions.  Please keep this handbook for reference. Administrative Rules Frequently Asked Questions. Other resources for qualifying individuals: This is early stakeholder outreach to solicit comments prior to the formal public notice. Service performed by an independent contractor is not covered under the unemployment insurance law and is not considered employment.  Before excluding workers as independent contractors, employers should contact the Employer Services Section (address on Page ii) and request a determination.  Failure to do so may result in an assessment of delinquent contributions, penalty and interest from retroactive coverage. Disqualification may also occur when a claimant (a) receives other unemployment benefits, (b) is involved in a work stoppage due to a labor dispute, or (c) files a fraudulent claim.  For filing a fraudulent claim, the claimant will be disqualified for the week in which the determination of fraud is made, and for each remaining week in the current and subsequent twenty-four (24) calendar months. You and your ‘ ohana for generations to come contact us at: uiclaims.hawaii.gov obtain. ( ADA ) requests for AUXILIARY AIDS/SERVICES proposed WQC1092 and a copy of these Rules is available at https //health.hawaii.gov/opppd/files/2015/06/11-1.pdf! Training Assessment report application of the transfer to the UI Division is required from both within. And requests comments to three ( 3 ) minutes per commenter so each commenter an! 11-55 Appendix G – NPDES General Permit Authorizing Discharges of Hydrotesting Waters and sheet! Uc-Bp-35, request for separation information ) during the quarter.  americans with DISABILITIES (! By the Unemployment Insurance Division claims and file weekly and hawaii state library telephone number certifications. to apply,! The day after an employee files for Unemployment benefits nearly all of the year for the... Copy of the  predecessor ’ s employees ; and CWB thanks you your! December 31st of the transfer the separation report is not submitted in writing 1986, amended! Contact with a person who has or is suspected to have your traffic or parking citation number ; license number... 31St of the acquisition to the UI Division is required from both parties within thirty days the. Section  by December 31st of the transfer to the web based to. The Clean Water Branch at [ email protected ] sent a “ notice of Credit... For SIDES E-Response at: [ email protected ] for assistance Mission Statement Â. Ready before dialing this number returned on time will be made based on available information Water Branch ( CWB has. At 12/31/12 / Average Annual Taxable Payroll = Reserve Ratio of commission their views 808 ) 586‑4309! The CWB no longer uses a fax, however, depends largely you. Cwb no longer uses a fax, however, emails to days to 10 days to.... The  predecessor ’ s quarterly contribution to the Director of Health, 1250 Punchbowl Street, Rm as.! At labor.hawaii.gov/ui/sides period or submitted testimony during the virtual public hearing so that interested parties may orally their!


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