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In a series of numbers, there are rhythms that change. So for the next step in the series, you'd add 27*3, or 81, to 44 to get 125. ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘The World is Not Enough’, ‘Die Another Day’… Casino Royale (James Bond films in … The next numbers in this sequence: 1,1,3,6,12,22,39,67,113,188 What is the pattern? What comes next in the series? But be on your guard - sometimes we'll ask you to find the figure missing from the middle of a series. Meno --> One M ercury Can you determine what comes next in the following Complete the Series 2 Completing the series normally involves finding what comes next, as shown in the example below. B, D, H, N, ? Here are a couple of ideas. What comes next in the series? What Comes Next Here a list of three items is given, all you have to do is name the fourth item in the list. Each word starts with the first letter of a planet, in order from the sun, has the rank of distance from the sun and spelled backwards added on. The series seems to be "add 3," so the next number in the series would be 12 followed by 15. 7, 11, 13, 17… 19 (Prime numbers) 2. The way you get to the next number in the sequence is to add the previous two numbers together, and add what term it is in the sequence (where One number does not make a sequence (nor a series). What number comes next in this series 192967? 1. A) V B) P C) S D) W Answer: A) V Explanation: Subject: Alphabet Test - Verbal Reasoning - Mental Ability Exam Prep: Bank Exams Related Questions Q: … What Comes Next #1 (What Comes Next #1 – Answers) What Comes Next #2 (What Comes Next #2 – Answers) In the order of 100, 140, and 40, the number that would come next would be 80 because 40 should be added.


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