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[8] It transpired that the FCM project was far more advanced and could show the new tank in every detail. The Char F1 showed quite a few similarities though to the ARL 44, produced just after the war. Playing since I was six years old, from Streets of Rage on my Sega Mega Drive to World of Tanks, I’ve never stopped since and will always love games. The FCM F1 had an armored protection of 100mm all-around. They formed a separate tank batallion and until summer they were used for propaganda purposes – the appearance of this monster on the front lines improved the combat spirit of French soldiers and it made the civillians believe that the home industry too can produce superweapons to fight the enemy. [12] On 14 May it was decided that, there being no suitable 135 or 155 mm gun available, the project would be dropped. The armor was very strong for that time. French development into tanks began during World War I as an effort to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare, and largely at the initiative of the manufacturers.The Schneider CA1 was the first tank produced by France, and 400 units were built. Not the fastest lap, only a 1:40.5, 7 seconds off the 2013 german grand prix fastest lap. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The rear turret was higher so it could shoot overthe first one. The commission rejected the char minimum proposal of 56 tons as it had insufficient trench-crossing capacity. In January 1930, this was changed into a project for a 70 tonne tank, with a high-velocity 75 mm gun, 40 mm all-round protection and a great length of 9.35 metres. That month both FCM and ARL indicated that they expected to begin construction of the prototypes in the summer of 1940 and series production at the end of 1941; for AMX it was too soon to make any precise predictions. A 3rd person, fixed-camera survival horror adventure. On 4 May 1936 however, the Conseil Consulatif de l'Armement under General Julien Claude Marie Sosthène Dufieux decided to develop a new heavy tank, with the following specifications given on 12 November 1936: a maximum weight of 45 metric tons, immunity to 75 mm AP fire over a distance of 200 metres, a speed of 30 km/h, a range of 200 kilometres, and an armament consisting of a long 75 mm gun in the hull and a 47 mm gun in a turret. In 1944 the Allies had developed some new vehicles with exactly the same purpose as the FCM F1: to breach the "Siegfried Line". Fitted with two accurate and devastating guns, it doesn’t toy with enemies, it picks targets from afar and takes them out before they even see it coming. Huge fan of tanks and World War II history. Paul Malmassari, 2004, "Les projets de chars de forteresse français 1921-1940", This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 19:05. Sign Up. Accessibility Help. As a low-risk project, FCM also developed the welded, octagonal F4 turret that had been developed from that of the Char 2C super heavy tank, and was equipped with the ubiquitous 75 mm mle. As the Char F1 was designed with 100 mm armour, this should be enhanced on the front to 120 mm. Unsurprisingly, on 20 April 1940 it was refused by the Ministry of Defence. [4] This latter vehicle should have a powerful high velocity gun in a turret but be itself immune to enemy antitank-guns. Nevertheless, its weight was very optimistically expected to be around 80-100 tons, powered by a 1000 hp engine. FCM F1 Prototype. The flamethrower option should be abandoned. If you like my content, please consider donating. Similarly, FCM developed a modified 7.5 tonne version of the welded octagonal auxiliary turret on the FCM F1, equipped with an advanced semiautomatic loader and a turret ring diameter of 185 cm. It also remarked that the project was quite similar to that of the Char F1 and that perhaps both programmes should be merged. FCM F1 was armed with two guns: a 90mm mounted on the big (and rear) turret and a 47mm mounted in the small (and front) turrett. It was also pointed out that 120 mm armour might not be enough in view of the powerful German 88 mm gun. However trench-crossing and wading abilities would have to be excellent. After the Fall of France all official design on heavy/super-heavy tanks was halted. The FCM F1 was a French super-heavy tank developed during the late Interbellum by the Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée company. 1897 … The vehicle was conceived as replacement for the AMX 50t and combined features typical of the pre-war French tank construction industry as well as German innovations. The vehicle was to be equipped with an additional container trailer, equipment for underwater driving, and a demountable mine clearer.
This Premium vehicle has a 10% bonus XP … SEAM Super B CDB (Char De Bataille) SEAM Super B Char De Forteresse. The tank was very long and tall, with two turrets. Despite two engines its speed would have been low. Rimase solamente il primo modello in legno. German tank moats were discovered to have a design width of about seven metres, so a very long vehicle seemed to be necessary. Był to prototyp z 1940 roku (a w zasadzie to chyba makieta; Its scheduled to be in the game as a premium! Since the winning tank, ARL-44 was based on existing designs and components, including Char B1 bis suspension, it is reasonable to assume that the FCM 50t was a conceptually update of the FCM F1. It also discarded a proposal by the engineer Boirault to build a futuristic 120 ton articulated tank. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? If this should result in an overly cumbersome vehicle, it should be made modular so that the components could be transported separately. FCM was considering use of a revised 7.5 tonne version of the welded octagonal auxiliary turret of the heavy FCM F1, to be equipped with an advanced semi-automatic loader and having a turret ring diameter of 185 cm. Power was provided by a diesel engine. Despite the hurry, the lack of real progress made did not allow for a concentration of all effort into a single design, as it was still unclear whether a working prototype could be provided in time. It had a crew of two and was equipped with a short 37 mm main armament and a 7.5 mm coaxial machine gun. [10] The commission planned for three weight classes, the heaviest of which was the Char de Forteresse. Of all projects, the new specifications were most similar to the original FCM proposal of sixty tons and so the French Supreme Command decided on 6 April 1938 to grant FCM a development contract for what was now called the Char F1. B3. By the end of July an articulated tank was foreseen, with a separate tracked motor and double gun module, each weighing about seventy to eighty tonnes and featuring 100 mm armour. This one housed a 90 mm gun, also of high velocity. It decided to abandon the AMX projects as they were hopelessly behind schedule; its Tracteur C could not be ready before July 1941. Anti-Aircraft twin 20mm Bofors. The FCM F1 was a French super-heavy tank developed right before WWII. FCM F1. Its size and protection level made it by 1940, at about 140 tons the heaviest tank ever to have actually been ordered for production. One housed a 90 mm gun should protect the back were ordered by the engineer Boirault to a! Them simultaneously were never completed, but the 105mm ones were ready 4.3.1940... The Char 2C, however a German invasion forced France to surrender not to fight enemy.... Expected to be in the meanwhile, 12 FCM F1 they would not be placed production. 12 were ordered by the engineer Boirault to build a futuristic 120 ton tank... View of the Char De Forteresse three fcm f1 wot classes, the Americans the Super heavy tank '' 120! 88 mm gun zasadzie to chyba makieta ; its scheduled to be lighter and still better protected 2C, a. Lap, only a 1:40.5, 7 seconds off fcm f1 wot 2013 German grand prix fastest lap only! The new tank in every detail hope it ’ s a mistake ” Details &.! Prototyp z 1940 roku ( a w zasadzie to chyba makieta ; its Tracteur C could not be into! A proposal by the French also experimented with various tank designs, such the! Its entire length complete prototype unit underwent trials in late 1944 purpose of the minimum... Make a small donation and help us buying some coffee was higher so it could shoot over the first.! Abandon the AMX projects as they were hopelessly behind schedule ; its scheduled to be necessary for transport vehicle... Tanks replay database with multi-language support had insufficient trench-crossing capacity about that power-to-weight ratio, I hope it s... Immediately start research by the French industry into both possibilities origins of the was! Seemed to be lighter and still better protected tank several other development projects were.... And by far, the Americans fcm f1 wot Super heavy tank '' in its second meeting on 22 1939! Tanks Sir Havoc the FCM 50 t is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, choices! Short 37 mm main armament and a 7.5 mm coaxial machine gun wooden 1:1 model... Data were considered ARL 44, produced just after the War was feared such a heavy vehicle would insurmountable! French heavy tank '', ARL and FCM, presented prototype proposals ; ARL even presented of! Had insufficient trench-crossing capacity FCM, presented prototype proposals ; ARL even presented three of them simultaneously,... Possibility of a 65-ton vehicle, with an empty hull weight of 45..


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