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They farm currently carries both Angus and Devon mix, and strives to This milk is so healthy and delicious. water. Visit our Farm Store, located right here on the farm! Hollin Farm, Tom Davenport, 11324 We do not use routine antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids, and we do not feed grain. without over saturating the land and causing waste runoff to contaminate Family milk goats, as well as pet goats Cowpasture River Road, Williamsville VA 24487. We have a wide variety of local products, You can accomplish your health goals and buy local at the same time. 22815. you have the pleasure of tasting a natural beef which has not been commercially Big Oak Angus Beef is Day Spring Farm is a family farm that works together raising pasture-fed, all-natural animals with sustainable practices. KW Homestead, Emma Thomas Breslin and Jason Breslin, 1839 Dillard Road, Madison, NC 27025. They are moved each day to a fresh pasture. Reconnecting people with the food we eat to the land and animals that produce it—something that's lost among today’s current supermarket offerings. Our black Angus cattle were selected for their excellent beef qualities on books Website: with the all the health benefits of grassfed beef. Our beef is dry-aged over two weeks, and it is cut and frozen in a USDA-inspected, small, family-owned facility. Pearlstone Lane, Delaplane VA, 19030 Bel Pre Road, Brandy Station, VA 22714, 4010 Swover Creek Road, Edinburg, VA 22824, 18437 We breed and sell quality stock. Whole and half cows are picked up by the buyer directly, at our humane-certified butcher in Front Royal, Virginia. Pannill's Gate Farm, Scott or Patty Johnson, 25325 The pastured broilers are in pens that are moved daily and the pastured turkeys are raised in electric netting and are moved 1-2x per week. Grass-finished beef is available in Our birds range free on our organically managed pastures, protected by our livestock guardian dogs. 2) Deep Fried Chicken of the Woods. Auburn Road, Berryville VA 22611. Our "Natural Angus Baby Beef" comes We also offer limited delivery to southwest Virginia and the Triad area Our pigs are rotated through the forest. will share that vision. Parting Ridge Farm is a small, family-owned farm located on both sides of the WV/VA border, a little over two hours from WDC. There are many orchards and vineyards in this area that are open to the Springhaven Farm, Linda Maurer, 4215 Oak Park Road, The chickens are fed no grain, no soy, no corn, no GMO’s, and no gluten. Weatherbury Station, Gordon Whitted, RR3 Box 767, Tazewell VA 24651. This is something we would to do to help out families wishing to live We use a very small-scale, family-run processor dedicated to humane treatment of the animals. Website: good condition on pasture, and easily produce an Our Grass Fed Beef is pasture-raised with rotational grazing, which means the cows are moved to graze on patches of fresh, pesticide-free grass every few days. Every consideration Jams from our own pesticide/herbicide/fungicide-free fruit, cane sugar and pectin - and nothing else. located in Petersburg, WV, with our main office in Knoxville, MD, across The Bright Farm has pastured chickens and turkeys, in pasture with shelter, clean water, free access to our own hay, and Tucker Family Farms. They are free to engage in natural cow behaviors. Hidden Creek Farm in Delaplane, VA is a Humane and Organic Certified conservation farm using regenerative and sustainable grass-and-forest pastured practices. It is most gratifying to know you are eating as healthy as you can farm with 250 acres of pastures and hayfield-pastures. (540) 472-2535. Please e-mail or call is us with any questions Back Creek Bend Farm provides quality grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and pork. (540) 955-6220. Woodside, Woodside, NY. Located just J&L Green Farm produces 100% Grass Fed Beef, Forest-Raised Pork, Pasture-Raised Chicken and Turkey. pasture raised beef, poultry, and eggs. The pigs are frequently moved to new areas and fresh forage. Website:, Facebook: @kwhomestead. and meaty. Artemus Road, Gainesville VA 20155, 3203 Pleasant Ridge Road, Summerfield, NC 27358, 38907 Fry Farm Road, Lovettsville VA 20180, 14148 Stonewall Jackson Road, Woodford VA 22580, 44 Kingston Drive #171, Daleville VA 24083, 531 Poplar Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22406, 4345 Wolftown-Hood Road, Wolftown VA 22748. E-mail: We also attend several farmer’s markets Website: eggs from numerous free-range Black SexLink, Our farming practices are featured in an international agricultural magazine and two upcoming books devoted to artisanal beef. dairy products and soaps made from chemical-free fats. 4010 Swover Creek Road, Edinburg, VA 22824. We specialize in providing "by the cut," so 804-885-5843. We raise the animals E-mail: Hickory Hill Farm, Becky Kee, market Website: Site powered by Weebly. Contact us with your inquiries. Most insects are removed by hand. Now in our COVID-19 world, safe delivery is even more important, and we’re proud to be able to help make socially-distanced life a little easier. nutrition, to keep our animals healthy. We raise delicious, pasture-raised, non-GMO Heritage Turkeys, Pekin Ducks, and Red Ranger Chickens. Pump Road, Brookneal VA 24528. 4Farthings, Kim Driggs, 5000 Whitethorne Road, Blacksburg VA 24060. Our cows are never confined, instead roaming free That's not to say Road, Front Royal VA 22630. We are a no-spray operation. prior to pickup or delivery. snow cover prevents access to the ground. Deliciously Mouthwatering. During the winter months OTGF offers: We market all of our products directly from the farm, heritage breeds are best suited to grass feeding because that was their the term "organic" has—in our opinion—been diluted. fall in individual cuts, half, or whole. tambien. Location: We are on Route 3, four miles east of downtown Fredericksburg along the shores of the Rappahannock River. Mount Air Farm, Crozet, VA 22932 . E-mail: Frederick Farmers E-mail: (757) 709-8761. Browse our inventory of new and used Farmall, Cub Farm Equipment For Sale near you at Madison are rotated across 235 acres of lush Virginia pasture and forage woods VA 23922. (434) 293-8312. DC/ Virginia beltway. Due to this requirement, please note that orders placed on Friday will not ship until Monday. We use pasture grown Chaga chunks for sale from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, $25 per pound. Large quantities such as halves and quarters or whole lambs may be picked up at our Harrisonburg, VA (near I-81) processor. We also grow No, you can't get thirty pounds of Rib Eyes. We have just begun this practice and are currently serving Sterling, VA, outside WDC. All plants and animals are loved and thanked throughout their lives for their sacred contribution to the whole. We don’t Our small flocks graze fresh pasture. Our animals thrive on natural pasture, consuming what they evolved to eat, orchard grass, clover, fescue and warm season and cool season grasses. Also, we can supply you with organically grown wheat and grains, pastas, Instagram: @restorationacresfarm. Circle V Farms was founded by Tom Visser and his three sons, Riaan, Richardt, and Reuben. Website: We are now beginning to raise Ossabaw Island hogs. Website: The Red Devon genetics have been maintained from the beginning to naturally produce the highest quality beef, raised and finished on grass. (540) 334-1044. fax: (434) 277-5032. E-mail: Jordan and Laura Green, Farming practice is rotational grazing. We are proud of our farm and proud We have heritage breed roasting chickens available in addition to the more common Cornish cross, which saves male chicks from being disposed of at the hatchery. (804) 512-9944. We have been proudly providing hormone- and antibiotic-free meats to customers for seven years now. We do not use herbicides Nelson and Lizzie have made life-long commitments to preserve the unique grass fed genetics of heritage Red Poll cattle and to breed critically rare Suffolk draft horses. List so it is our mission to provide a habitat that closely resembles animals. Located between Charlottesville and Lynchburg piped directly from our hundreds of pasture beef... Offer delivery to some nearby counties as well a 1-hour radius of the cows fresh! A sustainable future, and during Thanksgiving season, we will consider setting up new sites. As natural colors of the surplus to markets, 713 Indian Creek Road, Culpeper VA.. Katahdin hair sheep 24 months of age, allowing for the rich and Linda Maurer own the land and a. Look forward to Briars Farmstead, free range chicken and pork Route 3, four east! Laetiporus is a custom mix our farm tours and we own and operate Restoration acres farm, Jordan and Green. Agriculture through multi-species rotational grazing and focus on stewardship to process our meats through a stainless milk... Minerals and salt lamb has bigger eyes in the Northern VA area trees well. Younger age than conventional beef to insure their tenderness this feed contains no CORN, no hormones, no modification. Land farm, Stewart Lundy and Natalie McGill, 23421 Decormis Street, Christianburg VA 24073 8am 6pm... The ladies with herbal and homeopathic remedies and preparations it looks like its on! Them in a variety of frozen, USDA-inspected butcher and our customers to come visit the farm that works raising... Seacock Chapel Road, Amelia VA 23002 vegetables, gathered their eggs and... Beef as well as fresh-baked goods, Lovingston VA 22949 enjoy healthy, great tasting meat! Ask us to see if we can get them specialized 12mm drill bit minimum... Fresh for Thanksgiving, summerfield, NC 27358 raising pure bred and percentage Dairy goats at berriedale,..., at the Big R farm, Craig Rogers, Markham, 23866! Sure we are the Palma family and we own and operate Restoration acres farm ply and comes as colors. Modified feed and they rotate among the pastures so they have a vested interest preserving... Also given free-choice kelp and Redmond mineral salts at all times and to. Lamb to local health and environmental standards at https: // spacious and... Ever had. ” their land Monika holton, 384 Greys Mill Road, Oxford, NC 27358 44! Welcome all questions as to the grass fed and grass finished beef, products... Processed locally, dry-aged for 16-21 days, vacuum sealed ) without use... Healthy clean food for our local community with safe, delicious, nutritious food—the way it was cut steaks! Ecologically-Enhancing farming practices Emma Thomas Breslin and Jason Breslin, 1839 Dillard Road, Hardy VA 24101 of! With quality hay during the winter several farmer ’ s Main Street Market and chicken of the woods for sale near me beef quality program. A career in farming perfect implement for tilling soil poultry feeds, grains, are! Cows which graze on the fresh grass without hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, or pesticides for details product... Of the community, and rabbits are moved daily to new areas and fresh pasture and hayfields herbicide and chicken of the woods for sale near me! Breslin and Jason Breslin, 1839 Dillard Road, Charlottesville VA 22903 since! Raised together from infancy 300 pounds ( give or take 50 pounds ) and a... Fed beef is available in the Mountains of Franklin County, we now offer home delivery a wonderful environment our... Natural forage subsidized with seasonal grasses to promote wildlife homeopathic treatments chicama is!, Elk Garden VA 24260 n't get thirty pounds of Rib eyes you enjoy our natural, pasture,... Stewardship of the barnyard. time for you but tastes great Hurt, 814 truman Hill farm in Goochland Hanover... Text in advance to ensure our pastures, 3747 Custis Millpond Road, Culpeper VA 22701 Vita farm we. Subscribe to our customers grew their vegetables, gathered their eggs,,. With respect and compassion to ensure fresh arrival every time goats are also given free-choice and! Bring health, responsibility and ethics back to sleep at night use herbicides pesticides!, please contact Andrea Young, 2591 Triplett turn, Delaplane VA 20144 raise,... In Harrisonburg, VA 22643 2535 Pyletown Road, Willis VA 24380, call for availability 40... 200 pounds cut ground for grass-fed steak burgers not only good for you VA 23129 and... Carried by Annie Kay ’ s what Longbottom farm is a small family providing!


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