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>USA thinks its ok for everyone to have a gun, pro tip its stupid, and deadly. KCNC's studios are located on Lincoln Street (between East 10th and 11th Avenues) in downtown Denver, and its transmitter is based on Lookout Mountain, near Golden. >You do know the protests and riots were separate, right? >you have friends in and are part of the community. >friend says no biggie, he'll lend me a rifle to deter the rioters, >after all, no one could be so dumb as to assault an armed man, >go to dealership, don't intend to shoot anyone over cars, but maybe they'll think twice when they me and the other bros, >hear there's a fire in a dumpster, go put it out, fire's are dangerous and can get out of control after all. >He drove from his house to the town where he worked (my town) to CLEAN GRAFFITI. In 1986, General Electric acquired NBC, resulting in GE's return to broadcasting and KCNC becoming the first owned-and-operated station of a major network in the state of Colorado. >Social media filled up with criticism of the news station for hiring a guard with left-wing views. On April 21, 2008, Karen Leigh (who previously worked at Minneapolis sister station WCCO-TV) replaced Molly Hughes as co-anchor of the weeknight newscasts. >Like knowingly attending a city previously beset by numerous ongoing protests, and then knowingly volunteering to stand guard in the middle of those protests-turned-riots. In one episode, Ron Zappolo is referenced as still being with channel 4 (although at the time, Zappolo served as evening anchor at KDVR).[9]. >Also the shooter pointed his gun at the victim BEFORE the victim pulled the mace up. >Imagine being such a child that you actually believe this. >So now you're arguing it's illegal for him to offer first aid if he's under 18? This ended almost as soon as Group W/CBS took over after the affiliation switch. >the shooter was trying to grab pepper spray. >If you're white and not an SJW, you should be on permanent house arrest and should never show their faces in public. >OK. >Remember they originally claimed he was an anti fascist. Also that year, the station's news helicopter ("Copter 4") crashed into a snowy stand of pine trees near Larkspur, while en route to the crash site of a commuter airplane, killing KOA-TV pilot/reporter Karen Key (who was the first female pilot of a news helicopter in the country) and mechanic Larry Zane; autopsy results later reported that Key had a blood alcohol content at the time of the crash at 0.09 (just below the legal limit of 0.10). >If Colorado is stupid enough to bring the mercenary to trial for murder, he walks under the laws that, ironically, fascists wrote to allow them to murder people. >all these americopes making empty threats because they're about to be raped by their government. I hope you get to experience BLM's mostly peaceful riots soon. >So why'd thry hand him a regular gun instead of a watergun this time? Meet the people who bring you Channel 4 News. >He works in Kenosha as a lifeguard, so it is his community. >He was there to protect businesses. Denver7 News brings you breaking and developing news, weather, traffic and sports coverage from the Denver metro area and across Colorado on KMGH-TV and Meanwhile, Tony Lopez moved from San Antonio to join channel 4. >2nd amendment, he can carry it if he so wishes, >Talking about Skateboard guy, after Kyle shot Rosenrape, >Putting yourself in danger invalidates self defense. >Mum space invaders are an antifa symbol! All translators are located in Colorado unless otherwise listed. The incident was adapted into Steven Dietz's 1988 play God's Country and the 1988 film Betrayed, as well as the film Brotherhood of Murder (1999). 6 to 12 inches of snow falls on East Troublesome Fire, Colorado wildfire updates: Winter storm 'pauses' active growth of wildfires, Weather blog: Cold and snow to continue tonight into Monday, How you can help victims of Colorado's wildfires, Colorado snow totals, live radar, weather forecast streaming on your TV with Denver7 app. Then the security guard lunged at him to grab his mace. >After all if you didn't want your ass beat then why did you have an ass? >There were shots fired before the first murder, so the people who saw kylecel brandishing the gun were understandably targeting him as the active shooter he was. Why were they there? >given that Kyle just shot a few people just before. >I don't think leftists realize how close you are to starting a war, and I doubt you're ready to accept the consequences of what an actual civil war would look like. I mentioned that that's the golden question before. Presented by Jon Snow, Channel 4's flagship news programme is 55 minutes of in-depth news and current affairs broadcast at 7pm each weekday, and at times that vary on Saturdays and Sundays. He also liked posts favorable to Bernie Sanders. >Pinkerton throws their own employees under the bus to save themselves, >You mean the Kenosha Shooter who only got attacked after he had already murdered someone. >In short, protest always has a geographical character and this has implications for the emergence, character, impact and outcomes of particular struggles. Kill a couple of violent, racist, domestic terrorists in self defense? particular places provide protestors with opportunities and constraints as they wage their struggles. General Electric sold the KOA and KOAQ radio stations to A. H. Belo Corporation in 1983 for $22 million, as part of the company's overall exit from broadcasting. >Could have spurred Rosen to target Kyle. >surely since it happens so often you can show me some RECENT examples of this happening, right? >he was in the area helping to clean up graffiti at a local high school when someone there was asked by a Kenosha business owner to help protect his shit after a lot of it had been destroyed in the previous night's riots. >Everyone has seen the video, retard. >Kyle didn't just go outside he went out-of-state. GE retained channel 4, but was required by FCC law at the time—which forbade TV and radio stations in the same city, but with different owners from sharing the same call letters—to change the station's call letters to KCNC-TV (standing for "Colorado's News Channel"), which it officially adopted on August 12 of that year. In the course of protests, all kinds of spaces – such as homes, corporate offices, streets and factories – are used, occupied, defended and abandoned. >shooting a child rapist trying to rape you while you are fleeing is “threatening” people, >When the KKK marches through a black hood, that's literally a threat to violence, but as long as they don't actually get caught doing any, nadda happens. >If I move to Detroit, where the murder rate is sky high, do I have the right to defend myself? As part of the SAFER Act,[14] KCNC kept its analog signal on the air until July 12 to inform viewers of the digital television transition through a loop of public service announcements from the National Association of Broadcasters. >it seems like the owner was right about needing some deterrence. By 1990, KCNC-TV devoted nearly all of its programming hours outside of network shows to locally produced news programs, broadcasting nearly 40 hours of newscasts each week. Whether that is legal or not, his right to self defense stands. >there wasn't any graffiti at home to take care of? In 1969, Bob Palmer, who served as anchor of the 10:00 p.m. newscast, left channel 4 for KLZ-TV (now KMGH-TV), to replace John Rayburn, who left for an anchor job at a station in Kansas City. >Are conservatives the ones trying to put racist CRT training into the government? KCNC retained 615 Music's "Newstime" as the theme music for its newscasts (whose used upon the 2003 station's rebranding) until October 6, 2011,[15] when the station began using Gari Media Group's "CBS Enforcer News Music Collection" (with the theme music based from "This Is My City, Chicago's My Town" signature) as most of CBS' other owned-and-operated stations (the theme's signature; when it was introduced by Chicago sister station WBBM-TV in the mid-1970s) did upon or before adopting the standardized graphics[16] (cuts from "Newstime" continue to be used for sponsor tags during the newscasts). ), >When the KKK marches through a black hood, that's literally a threat to violence, > despite the fact that everyone knows they regularly instigate violence, >I won't go into the false debate where "the right wants peace and the left wants war" though, >When the KKK marches through a black hood thats literally a threat to violence. You're just asking for trouble. >"Shoot Me" guy throwing object at Kyle while chasing him into a parking lot, gets shot: >Another angle of the first shooting, object on the ground not sure what it is anymore, could be a homebrew molotov, could be his moms lunch: >Extended clip of him fighting off mob and subsequently turning himself into the police: >>country that has free speech, country that has never had a Hitler/Mussolini/Stalin/Mao, country that citizens can defend themselves when the state permits lawless mobs to run free. >He walked away instead of engaging in the fight with the antifa guy. Television station in Colorado, United States, Learn how and when to remove this template message, [ 47903, 1994–1996 United States broadcast TV realignment, transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts,,, "CBS to Add Three Affiliates in Deal With Westinghouse", "From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia", "CBS Agrees to Buyout Bid by Westinghouse : Entertainment: $5.4-billion merger would create biggest TV, radio empire. >"The law" has no place in a Civil War, get used to it. Oliver Stone's 1988 film of Eric Bogosian's play Talk Radio drew inspiration from Berg's plight. >Kyle's victims were acting in self-defense too. >started reaching for something around his waist, >Media and activist groups label you as right wing because you owned a gun, >Assault someone and then spray them with mace unprovoked. Remember that when you decide to continue your racist tyranny. Founded by Metropolitan TV Company (partly owned by famed comedian Bob Hope, and not to be confused with a similarly-named company later known as Metromedia),[3] owners of KOA radio (850 AM and 103.5 FM, now KRFX), channel 4 immediately assumed the NBC affiliation from KBTV (channel 9, now KUSA), due to KOA radio's longtime affiliation with and ownership by the NBC Red Network. >apparently the shooter tried to steal the victims gun in his holster. >Are conservatives the ones burning down businesses if the owner has the wrong skin color? >Vigilantism is only illegal because we're supposed to trust the justice system to handle criminals. is the official website for KUSA-TV, your trusted source for breaking news, weather and sports in Denver, CO. In 1968, Metropolitan TV Company sold KOA-AM-TV to General Electric for $10 million. >so once again you believe that violent, racist domestic terrorists should be permitted to conquer the country and murder white people due to their skin color? >if people see you as a threat and you kill them for that, you are a murderer. Pride in his community? >He had no plans to even be at the protest until he was asked to attend on that same day. >17 year old was a better marksman and decision maker then trained adults? >You think they were going to take individual calls to stand outside a car dealer? In 2002, Marv Rockford was forced out as general manager of KCNC and replaced by Walt DeHaven. They occurred in the same place but they were not the same event. Patriotism? >Kyle shot a far left child rapist in self defense. General manager Roger Ogden felt his station's money was better spent on local programming, rather than paying syndication distributors to acquire nationally syndicated shows. Janet Zappala and Alan Berg joined the station as well that year.


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