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This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC, Recommended experiences in and around Isle of Wight, Other Outdoor Activities, Gardens, Points of Interest & Landmarks. Between 1597 and 1600, a so-called “trace Italienne” fortification was built around the old castle. After the Romans were gone, the Anglo-Saxons turned the Roman settlement into their fort. Check out the hours of opening as they are restricted to Saturdays / Sundays in the winter & when we went the cafe was closed! The area was probably inhabited before Roman times, 3. Carisbrooke Castle is deeply steeped in English history having a history of politcal power, a fortress, a prison & a home. A century later, there was another threat to the castle in the form of the Spanish Armada. There is also a nice little chapel, a tea room, a museum with some very interesting stuff to look at and a few times each day, there is a live exhibit in the old Well House within which the resident Carisbrooke donkeys will pull up a pale from the well via a giant 'hamsterwheel', as has been the way there for hundreds of years. Carisbrooke Castle is a popular tourist attraction today, 14 Fun Facts About The Yellow House By Van Gogh, 17 Interesting Facts About Caernarfon Castle, Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Tower Of London. read more, Excellent day out. Some of the museum exhibits are interactive, one of the rooms you could dress up in period costume, in another there was a cannon you could "fire", great for big and little kids alike! Carisbrooke Castle is a historic motte-and-bailey castle located in the village of Carisbrooke, near Newport, Isle of Wight, England. One of the most interesting facts about Carisbrooke Castle is that it was once served as the prison of King Charles I, who was imprisoned here for 14 months! Spent about 3 hours there, walking the ramparts, climbed to the top of the keep and visited as much of the interior as there is to see. Kids will love this and the different toys & games on display in the upper rooms.You can see the donkeys getting groomed & ready for their trip to the Wellhouse. Carisbrooke Castle located on the Isle of Wight has been there for over 1,000 years. At the ticket office is an attractively laid out shop and the Gatehouse entrance gives you the feel of a true castle. A local hero chased away the French in 1377, 7. read more. There is so much to see and do, you can walk up and down almost all the ruins, something which you can not do at a lot of castles.The museum was full of interesting items to look at, and don't miss out the introductory video that is available. It’s located in a village on the largest island in England, 2. This was proven by the fact that the French besieged it in the year 1377 but weren’t able to penetrate its defenses. google_ad_width = 120; The guide who demonstrated the donkey powered well was a very enthusiastic and gifted story teller, who made history very interesting to young and old alike. Very interesting... Interesting facts about Carisbrooke Castle, 1. This is as close to the real castle experience as you can possibly get! But Colonel Hammond, the governor of the castle, learnt of the plan and came to see the king where he informed him "I am come to take leave of your majesty, for I hear you are going away...". This consisted of several ditches and fortified bastions that were able to sustain cannons fired by the Spanish Armada. The castle was heavily fortified in defense of the Spanish Armada, 9. It also holds a bust of Charles I to commemorate the 250th year of his execution in 1649. google_ad_height = 600; Carisbrooke Castle is well known as the place the doomed King Charles I was imprisoned before his execution – and from which he failed to escape. Get there on routes 6, 7, 12 and 38! The gateway tower was built in the 15th century, 8. His two young children, Elizabeth and Henry, visited him the day earlier to say goodbye to their father. google_ad_height = 15; What was possibly its yard is now the Princess Beatrice Gardens, a attractive walled garden but not at its best in February! The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which clearly details the Anglo-Saxon history in Britain, mentions that a man named Wihtgar, who was the cousin of Anglo-Saxon King Cynric of Wessex, was buried near the fort. Didn't happen. Go To The Main Haunted Castles Index Page, . Click here to learn more or control your settings. Another famous resident of Carisbrooke Castle was Princess Beatrice, the daughter of Queen Victoria. Newport, Isle of Wight. An Italian architect finalized the outer defenses in the late 15th century, 10. Charles I was imprisoned in the castle for 14 months, 11. King Charles I was imprisoned at Carisbrooke Castle in the months leading up to his trial and subsequent execution in 1649. The impressive twin-towered gatehouse was added in the 14th century and Elizabethan defences were added later.


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