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1800 679 289 RFT Type Open Tenders endobj We are committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity , Work Health and Safety, Cultural Diversity and Ethical Work Practices and encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds. The Prequalification Scheme (the Scheme) for Statutory Appointments under legislation administered by the Minister for I ... RFT ID SCM2541 Better regulation: taking stock and sustaining our commitment, Communication – The Principles of subsidiarity and proportionality: Strengthening their role in EU policymaking, Completing the Better Regulation Agenda 2017, (По-добро регулиране: да постигаме по-добри резултати за един по-силен Съюз), (Legislar mejor: obtener mejores resultados para una Unión más fuerte), (Zlepšování právní úpravy: lepší výsledky pro silnější Unii), (Bedre lovgivning: Levering af bedre resultater til fordel for en stærkere Union), (Bessere Rechtsetzung: Bessere Ergebnisse für eine stärkere Union), (Parem õigusloome: paremad tulemused – tugevam liit), (Βελτίωση της νομοθεσίας: επίτευξη καλύτερων αποτελεσμάτων για μια ισχυρότερη Ένωση), (Améliorer la réglementation: de meilleurs résultats pour une Union plus forte), (Bolja regulativa: bolji rezultati za snažniju Uniju), (Legiferare meglio: risultati migliori per un'Unione più forte), (Labāks regulējums: labāki rezultāti spēcīgākai Savienībai), (Geresnis reglamentavimas – geresnių stipresnės Sąjungos rezultatų pagrindas), (A jogalkotás minőségének javítása: az eredmények javítása egy erősebb Unióért), (Ir-Regolamentazzjoni Aħjar: Inwasslu riżultati aħjar għal Unjoni iktar b'saħħitha), (Betere regelgeving: betere resultaten voor een sterkere Unie), (Lepsze stanowienie prawa: silniejsza Unia dzięki lepszym wynikom), (Legislar melhor para obter melhores resultados numa União mais forte), (Rezultate mai bune pentru o Uniune mai puternică), (Lepšia právna regulácia: Dosahovanie lepších výsledkov v záujme silnejšej Únie), (Boljše pravno urejanje: doseganje boljših rezultatov za močnejšo Unijo), (Parempi sääntely: paremmilla tuloksilla saadaan aikaan vahvempi unioni), (Bättre lagstiftning: Bättre resultat för ett starkare EU). Their ‘topics’ section is a great go-to page for finding all the information we need on key themes in the financial services industry. For detailed analysis, you can export legislation into various formats, including line-by-line Excel. /Font <> The Commission is assessing the expected and actual impact of action at every stage of the decision-making process. From the Heavy Recovery … 1 0 obj Interinstitutional agreement on better law-making, Interinstitutional register of delegated acts. Better Regulation provides a definitive resource of consolidated primary and secondary legislation, EU Law and Accounting Standards for the UK and Ireland. Temporary assignment in Better Regulation with program management of licensing reform . For further help, tips and information on applying for a role in the NSW Public Service, please visit Applying for a role in the NSW Public Service . <> Export detailed reports of ‘What’s new’ documents for your regulatory impact assessment. Communication – The Principles of subsidiarity and proportionality: Strengthening their role in EU policymaking (23 October 2018)​. As the BRD realignment enters into the final stages the PSA has made representations today through to the Deputy Secretary BRD, in response to the short time-frame that has been allowed for the consultation on the proposed final structures released on 28 January 2020. Published 11-Mar-2016 The Department of Premier and Cabinet has retained its gatekeeper role in relation to assessing new and amended regulatory proposals. (International +61 2 8229 2322). Extensive planning and analysis is carried out before taking action, for instance before proposing a new law, or when evaluating how well laws are performing. Working with the Director Performance, Assurance and Analysis, this role is part of a team designing and implementing contemporary data intelligence analysis practices and tools. Import the ‘What’s new’ reports into internal regulatory feeds. Better Regulation Division. Authorised by Stewart Little, General Secretary, Public Service Association of New South Wales, 160 Clarence Street, Sydney. Subsidence Advisory NSW (SA NSW) is now outsourcing the claims assessment process. This will be achieved by driving collaboration for innovative solutions across the agencies to fulfill the programs Charter: –. RFT Type Scheme Invitation ##��!�D�&.��e�&b. The Centre for Work Health and Safety is seeking innovative research proposals to improve the knowledge base about mentally healthy workplaces to enable NSW businesses and workers to improve their capability to create mentally healthy workplaces and effectively manage mental health risks and hazards, so that NSW workplaces are safe and productive . How did you identify the areas for improvement? Regulation 25 Divisions to which Part III applies. Better Regulation Division update - Jan 2020 (PDF version) Consultation period. If you require access to information via a different process, are speech or hearing impaired, have access requirements that require reasonable adjustment in the application/assessment process, or wish to discuss the potential for flexible work arrangements in this role, please contact the nominated enquiries officer to discuss. Sydney, Australia. Advanced search functionality and intuitive refinements let you find and filter documents easily. Better Regulation: taking stock and sustaining our commitment. On regulatory issues, the Commission cooperates closely with its trading partners, both in multilateral dialogues, for instance with the UN, the OECD and the World Bank, as well as in bilateral dialogues. Regulatory Policy, Better Regulation Division New South Wales Department of Customer Service 2/24 Rawson Place HAYMARKET NSW 2000 RE; PROPOSED AMENDEMENTS TO NSW TOW TRUCK REGULATION 2019 Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback in relation to new draft regulations to improve the tow truck licensing, regulation and driver certification. Residential Tenancies Regulation 2019 Better Regulation Division, Regulatory policy McKell Building 2-24 Rawson Place Sydney NSW 2000 Submitted via SUBMISSION ONPROPOSED RESIDENTIALTENANCIES REGULATION 2019 The Caravan, Camping & Touring Industry & Manufactured Housing Industry Association of NSW Ltd (CCIA NSW) is theState’s peak industry body … This includes maintenance of the Guide to Better Regulation. If you need to transfer your account before receiving your email or lose your invite you can request a new invitation. Agency Better Regulation Division Published 12-Oct-2020 To achieve better results, the Commission is opening up policy and law-making and listening more to the people it affects. The buy.nsw Supplier hub provides a single place for suppliers to register to sell to Government, update their information, view opportunities and share procurement related information. Better regulation guidelines - Better regulation in the Commission English (82.1 KB - PDF) In late 2018/early 2019, the Commission took stock of better regulation since 2015. Your application should include a short covering letter, an up-to-date resume, and your responses to the two targeted questions outlined below under. /Type /Catalog Working with the Director Performance, Assurance and Analysis, this role is part of a team designing and…, Program Delivery and Customer Experience (Commerce Regulation Program) BETTER REGULATION DIVISION Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI). An Act to amend various Acts and Regulations administered by the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation; and for related purposes. On 23 October 2018 the Commission set out the changes it intends to introduce to the Commission's policy-making process as a result of the Task Force recommendations. Last Updated: 29-Apr-2020 11:38am. And when proposing new policies and laws, the Commission is focusing on the things that really do need to be done by the EU, and makes sure they are done well. Applying these principles will help the Commission to meet its objectives at minimum cost and administrative burden. The better regulation guidelines set out the principles that the European Commission follows when preparing new initiatives and proposals and when managing and evaluating existing legislation. <> <> Export a document at two different dates ready for side-by-side comparison. See relevant documents and legislation for key topics across the financial services industry. Last Updated: 19-May-2020 12:46pm, 2-24 Rawson Place Sydney NSW 2000 The export includes all the critical high level information, from document type, organisation, subject area and the Better Regulation document link. Integrated cross-references to related documents give you the full scope of information in one resource. How did you check to ensure the information was understood? The Better Regulation Division within the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation has responsibility for whole-of-government regulatory reform programs. Key Application Responses As part of completing your application please also respond to the following two role related questions. This communication is accompanied by a staff working document summarising the results of the stocktaking, in particular the extensive consultations in facts and figures.


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