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Space Lube is a high performance lubricant intended for maintenance of extremely complex mechanical equipment (results in 4 units instead of 3). Foam example 2: 20u foam containing 250u Fluorosulfuric Acid. Ohio Bee Guide …and more states to come! Golems are completely immune to syringes (even piercing syringes), but patches do work on them. Those who are not wearing internals will also ingest 20u of the medicine, making it enter their bloodstream (which does nothing in this case). These can be produced from the Chem Dispenser in Chemistry. This means clothing will protect from some/most/all of the reagents, depending on what they are wearing. A chemical agent used for self-defense and in police work (results in 5 units instead of 6). This foam carries any reagents along with it in the container, allowing you to apply reagents to large areas at a time. Results in 5 units instead of 3. Metabolizes slowly. Requires blended corn, so thus help from the botanist. Deals minor toxin damage. Definitely safer to just make the ephedrine separately. Can hold up to 40u. Only useful to Virology. Heals 2 toxin damage and removes 1u of toxins per tick. OD will cause liver damage and confusion. Used in some other recipes. If they had internals on or not doesn't matter. Prevents cardiac arrest, fully protects from heart attack damage as well as liver failure. If your health is above 20, large amounts of toxin damage is dealt. Heals toxin damage at a rate of 2 per tick, will also slowly remove any other chemicals. Useful for delayed reactions. Only useful to virology. There are different ways you can apply chemicals to a person or the environment. Can be stabilized with Stabilizing Reagent. Dispenses any chemical inside as a smoke cloud. Due to a rounding bug you sometimes need to heat chems 1 degree higher than the recipe says. It doesn't work on players wearing hardsuits or other pierce-immune clothing, unless you use a piercing syringe or manage to aim for an exposed part of their body. Narcotics are highly addicitve drugs that can aggressively, or passively, provide a benefit. Overdosing will deal more burn damage. If you have less than 50 brute damage, heals 0.5 units. Will deal Toxin and Brute damage over time based on how much venom is in the body. These are very basic chemicals that you'll use in a lot of other more complicated chems. Is more effective in colder environments. Take in moderation. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Will add all reagents into a person's bloodstream through any clothing, including hardsuits. Some pure chemicals are lethal or will cause heavy toxin damage if injected or ingested in their pure form. Causes stomach cramps if not applied via touch/patch. Weakened variety of virus plasma. It heals all types of damage very swiftly (except clone damage, which is healed very slowly), but only when in a very cold environment. Sparks, and then creates a violent explosion when heated to 474K. All other medical drugs outside of this section are either harder to make upgrades, or highly specific forms of healing for rarer situations. It is used to get a virus symptom of level 1 only. Can be stabilized with Stabilizing Reagent. Maximum size for dispensed bottles is 30u, patches 40u and pills 50u. The reagent simply enters the target's bloodstream. Causes 0.2 brain damage per tick. Has 50/50 chance to open locked containers. (Results in 2 units instead of 3), Stun + Brute, burn, suffocation and toxin. A grenade will splash its content unless it also contains smoke or foam. Can be dipped in reagents to be filled. This is the rate at which the chemical disappears from your body. Light a piece of paper on fire, and scoop up the resulting ashes with a beaker. On the other hand, if you use very small amounts of foam, the reagents may instead multiply in the bloodstream to more than the original amount. Needs to be secured by wrenching first. Unmentioned dispensable chemicals don't have any effects. It is used to get a virus symptom of level 4 only. (Results in 1 unit instead of 2), Powerful viral mutagen. Can be stabilized with Stabilizing Reagent. If they do not have internals on, they will also ingest the reagents. Great for stabilizing critical patients! Prevents you from spreading any virus in your body. Smoke example: Smoke containing 20u Chlorine Trifluoride(CLF3). Common syringes hold 15u. If you are hungry (sluggish), this will happen 20% slower, which makes chemicals have a bigger total effect since they last longer without being weaker per tick. To learn more, check out some of these resources, join our mailing list, or. The janitor is likely to appreciate refills. If the drug is not removed before 18 cycles it will knock the user unconscious. Take a picture and get it identified at Reagents that have a touch component will apply that component only. Despite dilution, the foam will still copy remaining chems such as acid, CLF3, or Space Cleaner to any tile it touches (but not walls, windows or doors). But if the reagent has a "vapor" based component, that component will still affect the target, like Fluorosulfuric Acid. Heals brute damage over time, but randomly deals bursts of 20-60 toxin damage making it useful as slimepeople take reverse toxin damage/healing.


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