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DJC, Alberta NDP Alberta politics Andrew Wilkinson B.C. Bratt said Ontario Premier Doug Ford has managed to exceed low expectations and show empathy in response to the crisis, but the perception of Kenney's response wasn't the same. The number of Albertans who identified potential job loss as a “serious worry” is more than double the national average (34 per cent versus 14 per cent). The last thing BC needs is more Liberals, (who in essence are Conservatives) running the show and causing more problems. The local Postmedia newspapers, accordingly, were doing their best to stir up outrage that Mr. Horgan is pulling the plug on the agreement he signed with the Greens back in 2017 to wait until October 2021 before going to the polls. A number of doctors have criticized the province for changes to physician compensation that were rolled out during the pandemic, with multiple rural doctors across the province choosing to close their practices. Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry (Photo: Government of British Columbia). wine to be almost as good as France’s, and maybe even better if you buy from the right vineyard. Canada does not have a tradition of coalition governments — federally, at least, the last one was the Unionist Borden Government of 1917-19, brought into being to implement conscription in the First World War, which included both Conservatives & anglophone Liberals, but excluded Quebec francophone Liberals, implacably opposed to conscription. If it keeps the BC Liberals out, I’m all for playing politics in this way. I suppose if the kids are back in school and most businesses are open, surely we can also safely manage an election. In Quebec, the highest number of respondents say their standard of living has improved in a decade of tracking, while the number is lowest in Alberta. VICTORIA — Strangely, all those conservatives who are anxious to get us back to school and business as soon as possible didn’t seem to be very happy yesterday when B.C. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. There have been 7,076 cases of COVID-19 in Alberta and 143 deaths; 344 cases were still active as of Wednesday. { "s": "INDEX:JX", "After consultation with the Ontario Crown, on Sept. 3, 2020, a replacement Information was sworn … It’s rare that B.C. But that, as they say, is another story. Notably, Alberta’s proportion of positive responses dropped by half immediately after Justin Trudeau’s Liberals formed government in 2015 and have remained low since. Read more about cookies here. Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro used confidential information to contact protesting doctors, and was accused of berating a Calgary doctor outside his home in front of his wife and children after the doctor reposted a derogatory meme on Facebook. NOTE: I’ll be back in Alberta next week, and I expect to resume regular blogging about Alberta politics immediately.


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